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cards sign backup catcher

November 19, 2007

Jason LaRue

so, the cardinals made their first move of the off season. they signed Jason LaRue to a one year deal.

my first reaction was… “hey, this guy really hit the heck out of the ball when he was with cincy and he was a pretty good defensive catcher that threw some people out”.

its not a bad deal, one year and worth 850,000 thousand dollars; thats what backup catchers are going for these days.

well, he spent last season with the royals, and was pretty bad with the bat. when he played 100+ games a year for cincy (2001-2005), he was a pretty good hitter for a catcher; hitting around .250 with 12-16 homers a season. the last two years, he has been pretty bad (’06 he hit just .194 and ’07 he hit .148). here are his career stats.

defensively, he has been pretty good; in regards to throwing out would be base stealers that is; i think its 38% thrown out. thats not bad,definitely better than gary bennett , stinnett and einar diaz (remember him, man he was bad).

i kinda was hoping of giving mike defilice another go around with the cards for a year….i guess thats not happening now.

oh, that same article on larue also mentions the cards signed two pitchers, brazelton and wasdin, to minor league deals. lets hope they wont have any impact on the big league club.

nice to get the first move of the offseason out of the way. also, the angels traded orlando cabrera for john garland of the white sox. well, thats another pitcher the cards were looking to trade for out of the market. i guess now that gives the angels an extra starting pitcher or two…..maybe to deal for miguel cabrera of the marlins?

let the hot stove league begin!

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