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Cardinal Blogger Awards

November 30, 2007

blue ribbon

1. Cardinal Pitcher of the Year
*Ryan Franklin
*Jason Isringhausen
*Adam Wainwright
*Write-in: _________________

So, I think pitcher of the year should definitely go to the wagon maker, Mr. Wainwright. During a year in which both the ace and the #2 pitcher were down and out for the whole season (mulder’s comeback doesn’t count), he really stepped up his game. He was a little shaky the first couple of months. After the all star game, adam was nothing short of spectacular. With his stuff, youth and work ethic I think he has the potential to be an ace, at worst a #2 pitcher. He basically was the ace of the staff after Looper fizzled out.

2. Cardinal Player of the Year
*Chris Duncan
*David Eckstein
*Yadier Molina
*Albert Pujols
*Write-in: ________________

Gotta go with the great one, the prince himself, fat albert. The guy was awesome and put up great numbers even with the bad years that the guys around him in the lineup had. Rolen was injured and so was edmonds. Encarnacion was a contributer but never a major cog in the lineup. Duncan had his hot streaks, but also fizzled out because of injury. Eck gritted out the year with a lot of back problems. Pools was hands down the player of the year.

3. Game of the Year
*August 9 vs. LAD—Ankiel homers in first game
*August 16 at Mil—2 home runs from Molina, 7 scoreless by Wainwright
*September 17 vs. Phl—Trail 11-0, lost 13-11.
*Write-in: _________________

No doubt, the best game was the one slick Rick hit that grand slam. Are you kidding me? A grand slam in his first game back as a major leaguer? Who could of written that script; it was just perfect. Now, im not saying he is going to be the next musial, but he does have a lot of raw power, ability and pure athleticism. I would be happy next year if he hit 25 homers, .280 and drove in 80 rbis. Phenomenal; the best feel good story of the summer.

4. Cardinal Rookie of the Year
*Brendan Ryan
*Write-in: _________________

I’m gonna cheat on this one and say Ankiel. Technically, I consider him a rookie because he was never a position player in the bigs before. Even though he doesn’t qualify as a rookie by the MLB’s standards, he was the rookie of the year for the cards in my book. What can I say, Ank is just that good, or at least I think he will be that good.

5. Surprise of the Year
*Jocketty firing
*LaRussa returning
*Third-place finish
*Write-in: ________________________

Surprise of the year had to be the jocketty firing. I personally thought that la russa would hang it up and that jocketty would leave because la russa was no longer the manager. I guess I was wrong. In the end, I think it was the write decision. Lunhow and whoever the GM is (now its MO) must work together to build up the farm system and not trade every decent player developed for a pricey veteran.

6. Cardinal Blog of the Year (no voting for yourself!)
*Get Up, Baby!
*Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
*Viva El Birdos
*Write-in: ________________________

VEB; as C70 once said, this is LB’s blogosphere and we are just happy to be part of it. VEB is the best cardinal blog and has been for sometime now, probably since it was established.

7. Surprise Player of the Year
*Rick Ankiel
*Ryan Franklin
*Yadier Molina
*Write-in: _________________

Ryan franklin. Who would of thought he would make that good of a setup man? I guess dunc did. Duncan can add another name to the list of pitchers whose careers he helped revive.

8. Disappointing Player of the Year
*Chris Carpenter
*Adam Kennedy
*Anthony Reyes
*Scott Rolen
*Kip Wells
*Write-in: __________________

The kipster for this one. He was horrible. The cards built him up to be a top acquisition and how he was going to bounce back from injury and take the world by storm. I would also add mike maroth to that list. I don’t know what happened. This guy used to be a decent lefty starter in the american leagues. He should have been at least that good because the national league lineups are inferior to that of the american leagues; at least when you look at the whole lineup with a catcher that can’t hit and the pitcher hitting. I don’t know what happened there.

9. New Cardinal Acquisition of the Year
*Adam Kennedy
*Joel Pineiro
*Kip Wells
*Write-in: ______________

Ryan franklin. He was that good. Sure he tailed off at the end there, but he was still a very good setup man. For the 2008 season, I would not even think of taking him out of the setup role. The cards eighth and ninth innings are locked down with these guys.

10. Most Anticipated Cardinal
*Colby Rasmus
*Mitchell Boggs
*P.J. Walters
*Jamie Garcia
*Write-in: ________________

Colby Rasmus for sure. jimmy edmonds is my favorite player of all time and I think he is a future hall of fame. That being said, I cant wait to see this kid play in the bigs. He has drawn comparisons to steve finley and grady sizemore; I would be really happy if he turned out like either one of those guys. Its freshing to see a five tool future allstar player developed by the cards minor league system for a change. Its been a while hasn’t it?


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