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Aaron Miles nontendered!

December 12, 2007

the deadline to tender unsigned players contracts is tonight. the list of nontenders so far is here.

guess who the cardinals nontendered…..aaron miles. first reaction is……YES!

the guy is basically izturis but older and not as good defensively. plus, izturis has more “upside” or maybe you want to call it potential. nice having you on the team for a couple of years aaron, good bye and good luck.

there are a couple of names that interest me that i think the cards should take a look at or at least give spring training invites to. they are: adam everett (SS, Hou), mark hendrickson (LHP, LA dodgers) and good ol’ kiko calero.

everett i think is better than izturis. i dont know why MO signed cesar so quickly…was he afraid that another team was going to swoop down and get him? is better defensively than izturis and both guys cant really hit.

hendrickson is an interesting lefty who is a groundball pitcher (at least i think he is; that is, the few times i’ve seen him pitch he looked like a groundball pitcher) that maybe dunc can work with.also, it never hurts to have a soft tossing lefty in your rotation (mulder doesnt count because he is done). calero, well, he is an old cardinal and it goes back to that trade that never happened. makes me feel a little better that he got nontendered. i know thats cruel to say, but its an irrational feeling…i just cant explain it.

also, the former toronto starter, josh towers. he is a groundball getting machine with strikeout ability. larry at VEB advocated taking a look at him and that he might turn into a average/decent pitcher with the guidance of duncan and as a result of changing leagues.

this is probably not the full list and will be updated later with more names added to it.

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