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NL Central gaining starpower…..will it help?

December 12, 2007

so, whats up? just had my genetics final and now im free until monday; i have my last final at 8 am on monday then the great winter break starts.

so, lots of stuff going on in the nl central.the astros just traded for tejada and the cubs just signed fukodome, the japanese outfielder. at least the addition of tejada and gagne adds starpower the the nl central if nothing else.

i think that was just a horrible move by the astros. it seems to me like they made this trade just to make it; that is, just to make a major move and keep the fans happy. first of all, they gave up six players for tejada. the worst thing about it was that luke scott was the centerpiece of the deal. that kid is going to be a stud. he has 25-35 homerun power and hits for a pretty good average and can rake in rbis.

why would you deal a cheap productive outfielder thats gonna be cheap for the next couple of years for a productive ss who has a declining range and whose production is decreasing every season? he is also pretty expensive for that kind of production.

just like last offseason, the astros made a big splash just to make it. also, kaz matsui for 15 million dollars and a three year deal? come on, thats a horrible deal too. matsui was pretty bad offensively on the road, but really good at home. he really isnt that good offensively and is an average defensive 2nd baseman.

now, to the cubs. i like the move to get a solid bat in the lineup and a solid glove in the outfield, but to me, the severely over paid. they gave him a four year deal worth 48 million dollars. this guy will be making 12 million a year and he has never played in the majors before and you never know how his numbers and skills will translate from japan to the u.s.

i think the brew crew did a good job stockpiling really good bullpen arms. they probably overpaid for gagne and riske, but thats how the market has gone. they gave gagne a one year deal worth 10 million; too much money but thats alright because its only a one year deal.

to me, the brewers should be clear favorites to win the nl central as of today.

what about our cards? well, nothing going on. the biggest move MO has made was signing izturis or was it the barton pickup? dont know. if those are the major moves this club has made than we are in for a long and trying season next year.

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Sidenote: you might have noticed that i’ve added a couple of things to the side bars. first, the  “register to vote” banner on the top left. i registered to vote a couple of weeks ago and thought that this might help if anyone hasnt already; just to make it less of a hassle. also, i know this is not a political blog and i will not make it a political blog, but i’ve added a couple of banner supporting john edwards. i’ve looked at the issues and heard the presidential candidates’ responses and edwards was the one that impressed me most and aligned most with my view……so, for now im supporting john edwards. just wanted to get that out so no one can say that this blog has turned into a political tool.

 have a good rest of the week. hope the cards make a good move soon.

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