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some moves but nothing major

December 12, 2007

finally, some signings by the cards…..but not the kind we like.
the cards handed out some minor league contracts to five players.

im not sure if all of them got invites to the big league camp, but im pretty sure that ron flores, randy’s little brother, probably got one.

the five players are: LHP ron flores, C mark johnson, RHP hugo castellanos and 3B rico washington. they also purchased the contract of OF chris gibson (bob gibson’s son; yes, that bob gibson!)  from the gateway grizzlies.

so, i guess these moves are mainly for depth. ron is an extra lefty reliever that the cards can use and hugo will also add depth to the right side of the bullpen in memphis; he will be ready if needed in the bigs.

thats all for now….come on, when are the real moves going to happen?

update: castellanos was actually resigned; he was with the cards last season i guess. the post dispatch says johnson, castellanos, washington and flores got invitations to spring training. i guess it wont hurt to have these guys in Jupiter; maybe one of these guys will be that one surprise guy to make the club out of spring training. who knows?

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