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Say Goodbye to Mr. Edmonds…the best that I had ever seen

December 14, 2007

Jim Edmonds has been traded to the San Diego Padres.

I’m in total shock right now… utter disbelief.
I cannot grasp the thought of seeing the cardinals with out the greatest centerfielder in cardinals history patrolling centerfield.

I had thought for sure that jimmy was going to retire a cardinal. the two things I was truely looking forward to for 2008 were: 1) getting to see jim edmonds sail into the sunset and retire as a cardinal. 2) the debut of colby rasmus.

now, the one thing i was looking forward to in the 2008 season, is not going to happen (we all know the chance of the cardinals competing is one in a million, at least that’s my take).

its very disheartening to see one’s favorite player traded to another team, especially for a double A twenty four year old third baseman and a million plus dollars.

if his value was that low, why trade him? sure, the front office will say “thats 7 million off of the books which we can spend on free agents”.

who is going to buy that; we all know the money they’ll save is going straight to dewitt’s pockets.

I don’t get it; if next year is a rebuilding year, just come out and say and don’t beat around the bush. if thats the case, just trade rolen for a sack of balls and dump his salary too. why does it matter if he makes milwaukee really good, its not like the cards are going to compete against milwaukee next year for the central division crown.

I’m sorry, I’ve got a lot to say but i can’t say it right now. my mind still cannot tell if this is reality I’m living in or a really, really bad dream.

more on this when i get my thoughts together.

jimmy, you have been a great cardinal and the greatest centerfielder that this franchise has ever seen. I wish you the best in san diego and to me you’ll always be a cardinal.

let’s start the campaigns now; retire #15 and jimmy baseball for the hall of fame.

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