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“The Report” roundup

December 14, 2007

lots of big names were in this report.

roger clemens, andy pettite, giambi, bonds, mcGwire, etc.

overall, this report was a desappointment to me. they spent twenty million dollars over a period of twenty months and this is all they got. come on, who did not have that little voice in the back of their head saying “maybe the rocket is on something, the guy is in his mid 40’s”?

they did not have the power to supena, or jail or anything. i think the only guy that talked was giambi.

 the cardinals, actually now former cardinals were: larry bigbie, cody mckay, gary bennett, fernando vina, ryan franklin (current-was suspended for 10 games in ’05), rick ankiel (cleared by the MLB). larussa and dave mckay were also mentioned several times in the report. report chatter at VEB here. there is a link to the main 400+ page report there.

im done; thats all i have to say. the former senator said that no actions should be take against the players mentioned in the report. selig said that each situation will be treated on a case by case basis.

if no action will be taken, what was the point of the report.

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