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The Snakes are dealin’ aces

December 14, 2007

the arizona diamondbacks were dealing today.

the snakes first traded for A’s ace dan haren and then turned around and traded their closer valverde to the ‘stros for qualls and burke.

they gave up six players for haren, but it was worth it i think. none of them came from their big league team which one 90 games. also, haren is an ace that will be cheap for the next three seasons (4 million in ’08, 5.5 in ’09 and an option for 6.75 in ’10; thats pretty cheap for an ace).

now they got webb, haren as their one-two punch with johnson if he can ever come back healthy and half the pitcher he once was. they got potential to be a pretty good rotation.

now, valverde had over 40 saves last season for them, but last season was his breakout season. i think qualls is just as good of a closer if not better but he just was never given the opportunity to close out games. another bad moves by the astros. next season, they probably have around the same peripheral stats i think (except for saves because qualls might not be arizona’s closer).

how are you going to get your closer in the game when 4 out of 5 starts you got a crappy pitcher on the mound that gives up 6 runs in 5 innings (sounds a lot like the 2007 cards doesnt it?)? so, they got a closer that they might not use very often. i guess burke will just be a bench player for the snakes; a young, cheap and productive bench player that is very versatile.

so yeah, thats it. bernie mentioned that if cards fans are looking for good offseason moves, they are in for a long winter….

i guess we are screwed…..its looks like the 2008 season is going to be a long one, just waiting for colby rasmus and possibly chris perez to come up is going to be a long wait. hopefully it’ll be worth it.

watch out NL, here come the d’backs!

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