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The answer to all our prayers……D’Angelo Jimenez?

December 19, 2007

so, the cardinals signed another scrub middle infielder who seems to be washed up.

yes, the cards signed d’angelo jimenez to a one year deal for 600 thousand dollars. so this is one of the upgrades that they are making with the salary dump that was the jimmy baseball trade? looks like its going to improve the team tremendously…(sarcasm)….

what the hell? seems like every signing this offseason is a depth signing and/or signings to fill the triple A roster. that would be ok if the cards have already made some significant moves and got a bonafide middle of the rotation starter and/or innings eater that is dependable. it would also be fine if they had signed a decent shortstop and/or a right handed power bat.

the problem is they have done neither. this team is now full of “depth” guys and no real starters…..WTF?

i guess all the money saved on not signing free agents and the emonds trade will go into “depth” signings….sure, that’ll make the ball club competitive next season.

MO, just come out and say it, we can take it, the cards are rebuilding in 2008……now, was that so hard to say?

so, here’s to the 2009 season!

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