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January 10, 2008

you should have heard by now that the cardinals signed aaron miles to a one year deal.

the big question in my mind was and still is…..why?

on this blog, he is all known as aaa or triple-a, and he really isnt that good. what happened? i thought tony had ushered in the youth movement. isnt that a reason why they were welling to trade jimmy and not sign david?

if not, i must be an idiot because i swear i heard tony say that he prefers young players with plenty of upside rather than veterans in their decline.

the problem is, miles cant decline because he is no good. he is a singles slap hitter that is a below average defender at best.

all he is going to do is take away at bats and possibly a roster spot from one of the younger players with more upside (ryan, barden, etc.).

i guess tony still wants to do it his way, but now it seems that that way doesnt work anymore…it is what some people call “prehistoric” or “ancient” because veteran/experienced players get old, expensive and decline.

that puts an end to another bad offseason and stamps the cardinals upcoming season as another horrible regular season.

fans will be fans though and will continue to cheer this team on no matter what (which includes me, but i wont be as into it as i used to be in 2004 or 05 for obvious reasons; that is, all the losing that will be going on).

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