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Better late than never; lineup chatter

January 18, 2008

I just found out a day or two ago that the trade was official and that troy glaus is now the cardinals 3rd baseman.

so, i missed the big move; what are you going to do? you don’t even know where i live so sue me….:)

ok, so this trade went down basically to accommodate tony la russa mainly and scott rolen partially. if tony did not want scott to be traded, then Mo would have kept him in the stl; thats all there is to it. tony’s word goes.

i think this is very unfortunate because Mo should do what is best for the team and that is not always what tlr wants to do. in this situation, i think he did a good job with what he had to play with.

the jays get three years of rolen for 36 million with the cardinals paying all the differed money (which bernie mentioned was 4 million or a bit more i think). the cards get 1.8 million in compensation and of course two years of glaus because he had a player option for 2009 and the cardinals would not have pulled the trigger if he did not agree to exercise it. he did and the Mo starting working from there.

both players had complete no trade clauses so both did not use them in order for the trade to be done. Mo was on with bernie and randy on 1380 radio station in st. louis and he said talks with the jays started in mid december. good thing this deal got done before spring training so this team wont have this distraction to deal with.

glaus cannot be compared to rolen defensively, but he is no slouch. he is at least average defensively and by some statistics that measure defensive skills, he is above average. he is probably going to be better here than in toronto because he will be playing on natural grass rather than astroturf which he said was the cause if his plantar fasciitis.

thats leads me to another thing; both players are coming off surgeries. troy had foot surgery to treat the plantar fasciitis and he had reoccuring sore hamstrings and such from playing on the astroturf. thats why he approached the bluejays to trade him so he wont have any more leg injuries. scott rolen is coming off of three shoulder surgeries in three seasons; i say good luck to the jays with that. he also plays all out defensively; i think that will take the toll on him physically and maybe on his already declining offensive skills. if he couldnt hit the nl central’s mediocre pitching, how is he going to hit against some of the best pitching in the mlb and in the toughest division in the mlb (the AL east)?

now, to the lineup. matthew leach said that he thinks tony will bat glaus clean up which is a good idea. i do not agree with it though. before tony was afraid to hit duncan cleanup because i think he was saying that ducan would not have any protection behind him and he would not get any pitches to hit.

i dont think he needs to worry about that anymore. i think duncan should play almost every day and hit fourth in the lineup to provide some much needed protection for pujols. glaus can hit in the fifth spot. he is more of a 5th spot hitter any way because he does not get onbase much and strikes out a lot.

the problem with the 2008 lineup will not be the 3,4,5 spots if what i suggest is put into action, but the 1,2,6 and 7 spots.

i think the perfect guy to play everyday in center and bat second would be the great wonder, rick ankiel and ryan ludwick (assuming he gets the majority of the at bats as the right fielder) would hit 6th.

molina can hit 7th, the pitcher 8th. the only questions i see in the lineup are the leadoff spot and who bats ninth.

if barton actually makes the team and can hit, he can hit leadoff and play center/right. if not, maybe skip. kennedy might get back to his career norms and hit.

here is my lineup as of today:



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