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The real reasons why I have not been blogging

January 20, 2008

Imam Husayn shrine in Karbala, Iraq

Ok, so i have not been blogging very often lately. I do have legitimate reasons and they are three fold:

  1. Since I have gotten over my pneumonia and then a really bad upper respiratory viral infection, i had been studying for the GRE (graduate record exam) to try to get into graduate school. its been pretty tough and i took the test on thursday the 17th. it was pretty rough and my score showed the lack of preperation.
  2. I don’t know if you know by now or you don’t, but I’m from Iraq and I’m a Shi’a muslim . since early january the muslims of my faith have been mourning the killing of Hussayn Ibn Ali, our third imam and the grandson of Muhammad (the prophet of Islam). it all built up to yesterday, Ashura, meaning the 10th day of muharram (the holy month in which imam Hussayn was killed). we reread the story of Karabala and what happened in that holy land to Ahl-albayt (prophet Muhammad’s family) and mourn the death of our imam. this continues for 40 days after the Imam’s death. just wanted to give you a little background info on that. what does that got to do with blogging you ask? well, we must minimize the time we spend on the internet and television and devote our days to the memory of the imam and the suffering of him and his family; we must never forget, as muslims, so Hussayn will live on forever.
  3. finally, I needed sometime after my really difficult finals to recover physically (from my illnesses) and mentally (from all the studying) and to get some rest and relaxation.

so, now that I have come clean…..i feel good. I’m ready to get back into the swing of things because pitchers and catchers report in less than a month! can you believe it! to any one that is going down to the winter warmup, have fun and support cardinals care (because I’m broke and don’t have any money to spare; Pujols’ autograph is 175 dollars…you gotta be kidding me!).

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