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January 24, 2008

…and now, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

today, plenty of news that i have missed over the last week; let’s catch up on it shall we?

  • most recently, the cardinals television schedule has been released. he cards open up the season on march 31st against the national league champs, the colorado rockies. maybe we will get to see the kipster pitch in that series. I’m also anxious to see how tulowitzki and holliday perform after their big deals, especially troy because he recieved a six year deal, now let’s see if this guy can match or top what he did last season. if he continues that kind of play, he will be one of the top if not the top shortstop in the big leagues. also interested to see if matt holliday can sustain his MVP-like stats and “clutchness” from last season.
  • matthew leach had an article recently about the logjam in the outfield. too many outfielders and too few roster spots. you’ve got duncan, ludwick, ankiel, schumaker, rasmus, phelps (potentially), barton and….am i missing any? assuming that tlr will be tlr, duncan will most likely not play against most lefthanders. maybe tony will loosen up a bit and let him play against a couple; its still a platoon. ankiel is probably going to be the starting centerfielder. tony was surprising loose with him and let him hit against plenty of lefties last season (if i remember correctly). so, maybe we can assume that he will patrol centerfield almost everyday because in my way of thinking, you at least have to have one everyday guy and tlr loves him some Ank. now, to right field; who to play their? if i had any money,  i would say that is another platoon position. i think tlr will platoon right more regularly than left, but the main players that will split time in left and right are duncan, ludwick and barton or schumaker and possibly spezio. i would like the cards to keep both barton and skip, but i don’t think they will have the luxury of having both on the team. what complicates things further is that tony likes to use infielders as outfielders, especially those having experience playing the outfield….enter scott spezio. so, i really don’t know what to expect. same goes for the infield. it all depends who tony likes best, who performs best in s.t., and who tony thinks will give him the best chance to win.
  • mulder is optimistic but will not set a date for his return. sound familiar? i think this guy is done. i would be extremely happy with a .500 record and an era around 5. also in the same article, tony is mad at kennedy and why wouldnt he be? the guy hit .219 and tlr still stuck with him for the whole time he was healthy. thats not the reason he is mad, he is mad because kennedy had better things to do during winter warmup and decided to skip it.
  • one of this blog’s favorite players, josh kinney, has started his rehabilitation/ throwing program to get ready for the season after having tommy john surgery on his elbow. he missed all of the 2007 season. he hopes to start pitching in mid march. I’m hoping for everything to go as smooth as possible and have josh back in the bullpen. the guy was really good and his slider was devestating when he pitched with the birds on the bat. before the signing of franklin, i really thought that kinney could be izzy’s setup guy if all went well (this was before his injury). speaking of franklin, he will remain in the ‘pen as izzy’s setup man and i think that is the best place for him. he had been a starter earlier in his career and it had not worked out very well. he excelled in relief last season; obviously, i don’t expect him to match that, but he should still be an above average to very good reliever.

that should get me and you (if you have not been already) caught up on the recent news from around cardinal nation.

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