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My Personal Cardinal All-Star Team

January 31, 2008

this is another one of those cardinal blogger pojects that C70 wipped up for us in the UCB. I’m going to list my all time favorite team and it will be composed of players that I have seen play; that is, since I started watching the cardinals in 1996. granted, its a relatively short span, but I can only judge players that I have actually seen play.

Catcher– let’s see, I have to go with good old mike matheny here. yadi’s great, but he still has not matched matheny’s all around defensive prowess when he was with the cardinals. maybe yadi will get there in a year or two, but not yet. so, matheny is my guy.

1st baseman-this a no-brainer that does not need an explanation…..albert pujols. need I say more?

2nd baseman-this position had been a rotating door ever since fernando vina left. the best one since fernando was probably grudzulaniek, but I have to go with fernando on this one.  he was pretty good defensively and he was a great leadoff hitter for a couple of season offensively. I also dug his facial hair and how heavy it was. dont ask me why I noticed this, but the cardinals once played a game that went on for like 20 innings i believe and vina had like 12 at bats; throughout that game, I noticed his beard getting heavier and heavier which was really weird because I did not know hair grew that fast.

shortstop– eck has been great for the last three years but his defensive game is average at best. edgar renteria is my guy here. the guy was a stud and he still is (except for that abberant season up in boston). the year he collected 100 rbis was awesome and he was a ridiculously clutch hitter that year driving in almost everyone that was on ahead of him in scoring position.

3rd baseman– this also an obvious one for me….the man just left this team a few weeks ago. he has got to be one of the best defensive 3rd baseman to ever play the game if not the best. he is Mr. scott rolen. sometimes I wonder what could have happened if he not collided into that wall of a korean, he sop choe. he was no offensive slouch either before that destroyed his career and he was at his best during my favorite cardinal season of all time, the 2004 season. so long scotty, I wish you the best over in toronto.

CenterField– this guy patrolled centerfield for the redbirds for the last eight seasons. he is the best centerfielder the cardinals have ever had; defensively and offensively. his defensive prowess usually makes people forget or underscore his offensive prowess. he was so dominant on both sides of the ball (can I use this phrase in baseball?) for so long. he also was traded to the offseason. He is my favorite player of all time and he was traded to the san diego padres this offseason. the great one that will never be forgotten, Jimmy Edmonds. I hope he somehow regains some of flash that he had here defensively and some life in his bat offensively and shows everyone that he can still play ball. good luck on the west coast jimmy baseball; now go win another world series ring.

left fieldray lankford. ray was a pretty damn good centerfielder before he started to hit less homers, steal less bases, strike out tons more than he did before without drawing walks and lose a couple of steps defensively.

right field jd drew. I know I might be getting some criticism for this pick, but jd was pretty damn good when he wanted to be. if only he didnt take himself out when he had his little “ouchies” and played a 100% everytime he was on the field, I think he would have been a really special player.

now, to the starting rotation:

  1. chris carpenter– staff ace, cy young stuff, he was scary good the year he won the cy young; nuff said.
  2. matt morris– people forget, this man was very good in his prime before he lost the sizzling speed to his fastball. he had and still has that amazing knee buckling 12 to 6 curveball that wainwright can throw…maybe even a better one.
  3. good ol’ woody williams– he was one of those reselient ones. he did not have flashy stuff, but man he was good while he was here.
  4. supps- yes, jeff suppan. he seemed to put it all together once he came to St. Louis. it also did not hurt having one of the best offenses in the league and the best defense in the nl also.
  5. the wagon maker, adam wainwright. the guy was phenomenal as a closer and had some legendary moments in his first season in the big leagues. last year he put it all together in the 2nd half and was dominating…lets hope he can continue that this year because they are going to need him to be in that form badly.

closer- maybe you’re expecting me to write dave veres or estaban yan or borbon jr. or gene schtenshalut (spelling?), but izzy is my man here. the man has been phenomenal as the cardinals closer and he is the cardinals all time saves leader. he had that bad year in 2006 because he was injured and before last season it was always an adventure, a roller coaster ride if you will.

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