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On the offensive: the cleanup spot

February 22, 2008

Troy Glaus 

today, let’s break down the 4th spot in the lineup; pujols’ “protection” starts here.

so, there are two possibilities on who tony might hit here. most likely, it would be troy glaus because I’ve read in the newspaper articles after the trade that that was where he was going to hit.

if so, that would break up tony’s habit of having alternate hitters from both sides of the plate. so, ank (L), pujols (R), glaus (R) or Dunc (L)?

whats it gonna be? I happen to think tlr will stick to his word and hit troy 4th with some exceptions. if glaus is slumping and he is not getting much production out of him, he might slide glaus down and hit duncan fourth; which I think is what should happen on a daily basis. I believe duncan would be a better fit as the cleanup hitter; both to mix and match the lefty righty combinations and because I think glaus strikes out way too much to hit cleanup.

anyways, let’s assume glaus is hitting 4th. so, last season he had a lot of leg and foot issues until he opted to have surgery on his aching foot at the end of the season (in september I believe). he was in and out of the lineup last season and his offensive numbers declined greatly because of his injuries and DL stints.

his stat line from last season was: 115 G/385 AB/20 HR/62 RBI/102 SO/61 BB/.366 OBP/ .262 AVG. this was his injury-plagued season. if you look at scott rolen’s messed up season, his numbers where not even close to troy’s. granted scott’s was a shoulder injury while troy’s was a leg injury.

he has spent almost his whole career in the national league except that one year, 2005, where he was with the diamondbacks. if that is any indication of what he can do here in St. Louis offensively its a welcome change. that season, he played in 149 games, had over 500 at bats, hit 37 homers and drove in 97. he had a .363 on base percentage and a .258 average.

he gets on base at a pretty good clip and balances his huge amount of K’s with a decent amount of walks. I guess he would be a decent cleanup hitter, but I would prefer seeing him in the 5th spot; that’s not for me to decide however. if glaus gets his game back, I think albert is going to have a big year; especially if both manage to stay off of the DL.

let’s get to the predictions, here is my statline guesstimation: 145G/ 525 AB/ 33 HR/ 101 RBI/122 SO/ 75 walks/ .370 OBP/ .266 AVG. that looks like a very good offensive year from troy; I would take that in a heart beat. at least albert would have some help offensively, epecially in regards to right handed power production.

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