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UCB Project: AL Predictions

March 3, 2008


so, we have this united cardinal bloggers group and we are doing a special postings this week in which we predict the rankings at the end of the 2008 season. the hub for this thing is at C70’s site.

today, we are doing our american league predictions.

  1. AL East- this is an easy one: the red sox. they are by far the best team in that division. they got everything; the pitching and the hitting and the problem is they keep getting better. if they had acquired johan santana, you could have probably predicted them to be back to back ws champs and probably would be right. the yankees are the yankees and they will always be competitive; probably a wild card playoff birth.
  2.  Al Central- I’m really torn on which way to go here. my brain and logic say the tigers here because they basically reloaded this offseason and have put together arguably the best offense in the mlb. their lineup might set records this season of people perform up to their reputation. their rotation is awefully good also. I admit, though, my heart is saying Indians. for some reason I think they will get to the playoffs and maybe even win the division. they have a lot of young talent and if they put it all together….watch your back tigers! thiswill probably be the most competitive division in baseball by far.
  3. AL West- this one is the the easiest one to pick because the yanks might give the sox a run for their money. the halos are the class of this division and have been for a while now. their moves in free agency had me scratching my head but they are still the best in the division and they got good ol’ vlad, lackey, weaver, k-rod, kendrick, and other budding or established superstars on the team.
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