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UCB Project: NL East Predictions/News & Notes

March 5, 2008

let’s get to the predictions right quick. I don’t really have time to break things down today.

finishing order: new york mets, philly, braves, marlins, nationals.

I don’t see the phillies winning this division. they got cole hamels and a bunch of 4th and 5th starters. their offense is great and they got a lot of stud hitters that should be fun to watch over the next decade or so. I just don’t think they got the starters to do it.

that’s why I’m taking the mets. finally, they got a decent rotation with santana, maine, martinez, perez and el duque/someone else. that’s pretty solid. I don’t even have to mention their offense; it speaks for itself.

now, to the dark horse; atlanta. they got some great homegrown players like jones, francoeur and mccann. plus, they added texiera and now kotsay (who didn’t do much last season offensively but remember this is the nl after all). their rotation can potentially be solid; it all depends on how smoltz perfroms, and glavine? will glavine put up another mediocre season and will smoltz be stellar and hold off dramatic decline for another season? what about hudson? can he duplicate/better his performance from last seaoson? those questions must be answered.

the marlins and nationals are just a bunch of young kids and veterans that must gel and develop (I’m talking about the kids). I don’t expect much from either this season.

of course, there is a very good chance that the wild card team will come out of this division.


now, to some current events.

the cardinals say that all tyler johnson needs is some rest. where have we heard this before? oh yeah, with edmonds before his foot surgery, with rolen before his many surgeries, with carpenter, mulder and numerous others. I think this is a sign of things to come. the shoulder must be pretty bad; when he does have surgery I think its going to be major and he will probably have to miss most of not all of the season.

we just have to wait until tj pitches pretty badily in a couple of real games and gives up some bombs until the new finally comes out and the cards will say that he needs to shut it down; typical cardinal propaganda.

reyes got hit hard yesterday. he pitched two innings giving up six hits and four runs with a homer. he did not seem to mind however. I guess it does not bother me that much either because he said he had his control and velocity. it should be at least a small problem for him since he is competing with two others for a spot in the rotation. if thompson and wellemeyer don’t mess up, then he is potentially the odd man out. let’s hope he pitches a lot better next start.

also, did anybody realize that juan gone is hitting .417 this spring with a homer and that colby is hitting .300+? I didn’t until I looked at the stats today. if they keep this up, tlr is going to have to make some tough decisions on who will make the team; maybe even reevaluate his thinking. we’ll see what happens 4 weeks from now and if the juan and colby can keep it up.

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