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UCB Project: NL Central Predictions

March 6, 2008

today, It’s the final installment of the united cardinal bloggers cooperative posts…for now. we are forecasting the nl central results. now, I’m not going to do a detailed analysis today because I’ll be doing my annual “a look at the competition” series when I break down in detail every team in the nl central and predict the final standings.

let’s get to it: cubs, brewers, reds, cards, astros, pirates…and that’s if the cardinals have a decent season.

I see the cardinals finishing no higher than 4th place…baring a miracle. the cubs and the brewers are the two teams that will be vying for the division crown with cincy being the darkhorse that might make a run at it if everything goes right.

the cubs are the class of the division, but not by much. they basically outspent everyone and got fukudome, overpaying for lilly last season, eyre and howry to revamp the bullpen. then there was the time when they gave a guy with an era over 6 three years and 21 million dollars. they are going to be good though, unless something happens and they collapse…that would be a huge shock (sarcasm). I would much prefer for them to make the playoffs, win a couple of games, get confident and then fall flat on their face.

the brewcrew had their shot last season but they crumbled under pressure. all the young kids had never been in a situation like that before (going throw the final lapse of the season in 1st place). hopefully, they gained some experience from last season. by the way, if you have not noticed, that lineup is going to be wicked good…the best in the division. are you kidding me? hardy, weeks, fielder, braun, hart, etc. their rotation is solid too and so is the bullpen. they just need gagne, the 10 million dollar man, to come through big time.

the reds are the x factor of this division. they got a new manager in the form of dusty baker. we all know what he does well and what he does not so well, but everywhere he has managed, he seems to always do pretty good the first season. so, don’t be surprised if you see the reds climbing in the standings come august and september. also, they arguably have the best starting trio in the division with harang, arroyo and bailey. they also have a solid lineup and bullpen (with the addition of cordero). 

the astros spent a lot of money again and traded away their farm system, but I don’t think that’s going to help much. sure, they are going to score more runs but at what cost? the part of the team that needed most improvement was the rotation. so, they got roy oswalt and who? woody williams? a fibble shell of his former self.

then, the pirates. couple of very good players on the team like bay, sanchez, gorzelanny, snell, doumit. not much going on. oh, matty mo is also on the team. they should at least win 70 games this season and nothing more. they won’t compete for anything that’s for sure…well, maybe for draft position. 

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  1. Zach permalink
    March 31, 2008 10:12 pm

    I agree with you but I do think that the Brewers will win the Central. You sound informed compared to the other articles I’ve read on predictions.

  2. April 1, 2008 6:42 am

    well, I picked the cubs because they spent so much money that it actually might pay off this season. I kinda agree with you, but I just went with the safe pick. I do think the brewers will be contenders and will challenge the cubs for the division crown.

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