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On the offensive: the 7th spot in the lineup

March 13, 2008


so, this one has been delayed for a while, but I had my midterms. now, the exams are over and I can try to finish this series off this week and start analyzing the nl central on a team by team basis.

most likely, yadier molina will be the #7 hitter in this lineup. last season was sort of a breakout season for him compared to his terrible 2006 offensive stats.

let’s face it, yadi is not a very patient hitter, but he does make contact. he will almost never let you walk him,  much like long gone juan encarnacion. he does not strike out much either which is a good thing. so I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

he is also not the fastest player on the team. in fact, yadi might be the slowest player to ever play in the majors. when I watch plays of him running to first base in slow motion, his figure becomes still like a statue. but enough of his mabry-esque speed.

how many batting stances has this guy tried? at least a hand full if I remember correctly. hopefully he has finally found one that works for him. as we all know, the pitcher will be hitting behind him in the 8th spot, so he will have to be more agile on those sacrifice bunts that are put down to move him to 2nd or 3rd. he is about 20 pounds lighter now so maybe that will help. it will also be better on his knees catching wise.

oh yeah, offense. his statline from last season was: 111G/ 353 AB/ 6HR/ 40RBI/ 34BB/ 43SO/ .340 OBP/ .275 AVG. those numbers are pretty damn good compared to his abysmal 2006 numbers. he was injured again last season and that cut his playing time and cost him the gold glove which he should have won hands down. he is the best defensive catcher in the mlb bar none.

so, I hope he can stay healthy and play in 140 games or so; that would be wonderful. now, let’s predict the statline: 140G/ 460AB/ 9 HR/ 55RBI/40 BB/ 55SO/ .344OBP/ .272 AVG. I think that would be a pretty good season for him. pretty much a duplicate of the 2007 season but without missing time with an injury.

well, that’s it. tomorrow I will breakdown the ninth spot and the doom and gloom scenario there.

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