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On the offensive: the 9th spot

March 14, 2008

Brendan Ryan 

so, we all know that tony has decided to bat the pitcher 8th and I’m personally fine with that. I’d actually like to see the cumulative results of the move at the end of the season; i.e. how much more runs a game did that produce.

today, the ninth spot of the lineup is put under a microscope. most likely, who ever fills that spot will be the shortstop of this team; if not the starter, the one that gets the most at bats while playing that position.

as we all know, the cards signed cesar izturis to replace eck. that doesnt seem like its going to workout however. cesar has always been known for his glove and how he is a wizard with it; especially that 2004 season when he had his best year offensively and defensively. since then, he has been above average defensively and horrible offensively.

during his best season, 2004, he put up a career high obp and that was… guess, ok it was .330. I’m not kidding. that is pretty horrible. now, I can deal with him being on the team if he can do that again, but I doubt it. his avg obp over his career is .295; sounds like a freakin’ batting average, just terrible.

now, this spring, he has been pretty bad. he has made what seems to be a lot of errors on the field and has not hit a lick. the guy is 3 for 29 with a .161 obp. the only positive thing you can say about him right now is that one third of his hits are for extra bases (he has a triple). I hope the cards cut this guy and cut their loses. if they do keep him, he better just be as a late inning defensive substitute for an infield position.

then, you got aaron miles who is not doing that well. he is 5 for 28 this spring with a .258 obp. that’s better, but not good enough. his average career obp is .323, not so good. he had a career high obp of .333 in 2003 with the white sox. all I can say is this guy better not get anywhere close to 400 at bats this season, but knowing tony…he sadly will.

now, the best option and the guy who showed that he has a lot of potential and is already a better option than both of the two guys already discussed is brendan ryan. he has good range, a good arm and is probably the best defensive ss on the team; plus he is versatile. he can play 3b, ss, 2b and probably 1b in a pinch.

he showed that he can hit a little bit last season going 52 for 180 with a .347 obp and a .289 batting average. that’s probably not going to hold up, but I’d be content with a .330 obp and .275 avg as long as he can play solid defense and drive in a couple of runs now and then. no stat predictions for today, just a statement:

Brendan Ryan for ShortStop; not because he is great, but because he is the best option!

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  1. March 17, 2008 1:20 pm

    Brendan Ryan for ShortStop; not because he is great, but because he is the best option!

    Talk about a rallying cry! 🙂

  2. March 17, 2008 6:40 pm

    well, it’s true. he is the best option they got. knowing tony, that’s not going to happen though. if izturis continues to hit .150 into the season, he will probably just start miles just to keep his word and keep ryan from starting because he is “raw”, “young” and “too excitable”.

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