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Wainwright inked to long term deal and Looper bounces back

March 20, 2008

so, the cardinals have said it time and time again that they do not sign pitchers to long term deals; that is, they rarely signed pitchers to 4 year deals and never to anything more than four but for the second time in two seasons they broke that rule.

the cardinals signed adam wainwright to a 4 year deal worth a base salary of 15 million, he is signed through the 20011 season. they also have two option years on him; 9 million dollars for 2012 and 12 million dollars for 2013.

they signed chris carpenter to a 5 year deal last year and I did not think that was a good move at the time; let me not lie, I was indifferent and did not see the real need to sign him that early, but they did. so, last season was the first year of his deal and it did not turn out so well.

deals like this almost never turn out well for the team, but I’m hoping this one will. first of all, he is a young guy, 26 or 27 years old. second, he has proven he can pitch at a high level; at least a number two starter if not an ace. finally, 15 million is basically a bargain to lock up a starter of his caliber. so, I like it.

moving on, looper bounced back today to pitch 5 and 1/3rd innings giving up five hits and one run while walking two and striking out two. thats nice to see after two rocky starts. the rest of the bullpen was solid. jimenez, flores, politte and mcclellan combined to pitch 4 and 2/3 innings giving up one run (jimenez). so, the cards ended up tying the fish, 2-2 in 10 innings.

11 days until opening day!

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