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Apocalypse Now?

March 26, 2008

EDIT: turns out, reyes has not made the team after all, but there is a debate going on in the organization. while the front office wants reyes on the team, tlr and dunc do not seem like they do. it seems that the firing of walt did not solve the whole organization rift between the front office and the manager et al. 

what? reyes is competing for a spot on the 25 man roster with kelvin jimenez to be a long reliever…what? I did not even know that he was competing for roster out?

now, el diablo, joe strauss of of the pd is reporting that reyes has made the team as a long reliever. huh? I’m I dreaming or is this a nightmare? guess he made the team. I’m quite the conspiracy theorist, so I have a theory. maybe tlr decided to put anthony on the team just to shut everyone that complains up and send him down when one of our many starters is healthy enough to join the team. I’m happy for now though…

also, brian barton and kyle mcClellan have made the team. also, politte and perez have been reassigned to minor league camp. so, the roster is pretty much set; only one worry, is ryan healthy enough to make the team or will d’angelo jimenez get to make it with the big club? well, he was not one of the 7 players put on the dl so hopefully, NO.

one more thing, barton got hit in the mouth with a pitch today; hopefully it won’t be severe and he will just be day to day.

by the way, wainwright pitched well today and the cardinals won the game, 8-2. the summary and box score are here.

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