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Home Opener 2.0: mission failed/game 2 preview

April 2, 2008

so, the cards got another chance at a home opener, but this time…when it counted…they did not prevail because of the pitching of ryan franklin and lack of offense.

they had a lead on monday, 5 to 1 to be exact, and pujols had hit a homer, but it was for not. it does not count, but yesterday did count and the cardinals start the 2008 season with a loss.

fear not my friends, there are still 161 regular season games to go. so, it was a 2-1 loss in which lohse was pretty good through five allowing no runs to score. “uncle” rico washington, as the guys at FR like to call him, got his first mlb at bat and grounded out. so did brian barton; he on the other hand got a single and he looked really happy about it as he should have been. mcclellan made his debut also and had a solid scoreless inning with a K. I watched most of the game last night and this kid really looked sharp and unfazed. his stuff looked pretty good too with plenty of movement; especially that hard slider. yadi hit a solo homer off of the kipper for the cards’ only run.

did I mention the kipster started for the rox? he was good but not great; the cardinals could not capitalize on his mistakes and the walks that he allowed, so they paid for it by taking a loss. adam “amanda” kennedy got two opposite field singles yesterday. that was good to see; maybe this season he can get back to hitting around his career numbers.

glaus’ throwing error allowed the first run to score for the rox. the second run was scored in the same inning after franklin loaded the bases, flores came in and K’ed the first two hitters (there were no outs when he came in), but the last guy got away from him and he walked him to bring in a run. that’s how it ended; here is the boxscore.

tonight, its wellemeyer vs. the righthander cook. the lineup will be:

Schumaker lf
Ludwick rf
Pujols 1b
Glaus 3b
Ankiel cf
Molina c
Kennedy 2b
Wellemeyer p
Izturis ss
Taveras cf
Tulowitzki ss
Helton 1b
Holliday lf
Atkins 3b
Hawpe rf
Torrealba c
Nix 2b
Cook p

In other news:

  • duncan seems to have injured his hamstring; strained it that is.
  • brendan ryan is recovering from his rib cage injury and is eligible to come off of the dl this weekend, but tlr wants him to test it and play a couple of games in the minors before getting called back to the bigs.
  • reyes has got a shorter warming up routine out of the ‘pen. they might need him tonight becaused todd might get crushed by the rox mashers.

tony had nothing but good wishes for speezer who was signed by the braves to a minor league deal:

“I was really glad to see that,” manager Tony La Russa said on Tuesday afternoon. “In fact, I’ve got to call him and wish him the best. That’s a great situation. Atlanta does a lot of things right. That was really good news.

“They do things really right there. They demand that you do it right. So it will be good for him.”

that’s it for today, game time is at 7:15 central. enjoy the game!

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