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cards take series from rox

April 4, 2008

for the second straight game, the starter pitched good and so did the bullpen; result…win. as long as this team puts up a couple of runs a game and most importantly, the starter is solid, this team might surpise some people. of course, I think this team might be a little to dependent on the long ball and might strike out a lot with glaus, duncan, ankiel and ludwick in the lineup.

a win is a win right? yesterday’s was a good one; the cardinals won 3-0. thompson was going good because he had his bread and butter pitch, the sinker, working good and he was locating pretty much all his pitches.

my boy–anthony reyes– struck out the side, spilborghs, tulowitzki and helton in the 8th inning. he got up to three balls on spilborghs, but he pulled it out and got him. then, he did not have a problem K’ing the other two. that’s what I’m talking about. this might be a little premature, but if this works out and franklin blows up, why not make reyes izzy’s setup man? they keep saying he does not have an out pitch; well, he has two good pitches, why not give him a shot in the ‘pen? just a wild thought.

guess who is starting today for the nationals? our old friend, who seems to be changing teams every season now, odalis perez. yes, I remember that fond october night when  mr. perez was the dodgers starter in that wonderful series against the dodgers. even lima time couldnt stop pujols and cards. good times…good times…

well, mr. pujols owns odalis to the tune of 13 for 20, five bombs and two doubles and seven walks. pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

looper is pitching against perez, let’s hope he can keep up with the performances of the other starters. game preview here.

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