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Cards soaring early in season

April 10, 2008

yeah, so…I have not posted in a while. real life seems to get in the way somehow. just to let you know, I’ve been busy trying to graduate from college, doing papers, presentation, trying to find a job, applying to grad school…you know, those sorts of things. they seem to have taken most of my time the last month or so. let’s get back to the cards.

off to a great start huh? 7-2 and counting. took the series against the struggling rox, swept the pittiful nats and took two out of three from the not so good ‘stros. I mean, you gotta give the cards credit, but the teams that they have played so far will not be close to contention anytime this season.

I do not expect looper, wellemeyer and thompson to keep pitching like they have been because they are just not that good. I think this especially applies to wellemeyer because of his horrible control on any given night; this results in a high amount of walks (usually). he has been pretty lucky in the time he was been with the cards because his bad peripherals have not translated into getting pounded; luck usually runs out at one point or another though.

in regards to looper and thompson. they are what they are, #5 starters. both use the sinker as their bread and butter pitch, and when it does not sink and start throwing it high in the zone, they get destroyed usually. so, not expecting much.

joel pineiro has declared himself ready to join the rotation; he should be a slight upgrade over the three converted relievers. tlr has not made his decision though and babyface is still listed to be the cards started against san fran on sunday; that might change though.

also, if you have noticed, the cardinals play seven of their next ten games against a really bad team; the san francisco giants. they have a 3-6 record. so, they win at a clip of one game a series. if they can take advantage of the gaints, then they can tread water and actual hope of possible contention until the mulder/clemente/carpenter (cross your fingers) comes back and pitches good enough to pitch the cardinals into contention.

pujols finally went deep…two fold. yes, a two homer day for the big guy last night, and the cardinals win the game and take the series from the ‘stros. also, reyes really pitched good against houston the other night. he threw three scoreless innings and it only took him 38 pitches. aside from that two run homer he gave up, he has pitched pretty well. I think what he was saying in s.t. has really shown; he has really thrown very few balls and a lot of strikes and gotten counts in his favor by throwing strikes early and often. he gets hitters 0-1 and 0-2/1-2 in counts and then throws them pitches and gets them to chase; they get themselves out. if he keeps this up, he can really help this club. also, coming out of them has really caused an increase in the velocity of his fastball. it is now being clocked at 94 mph regularly. I guess that comes from knowing you are only out their to pitch a couple of innings instead of throwing 6+ innings as one is usually required to as a starter.

let’s end this post in an optimistic fashion; go cards!

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  1. April 10, 2008 2:20 pm

    What? Are you letting real life get in the way? Where are your priorities, man? C’mon! 🙂

    There’s a lot of reasons why the Cardinals may come down to earth. But we’ve got to enjoy it while we can and who knows? Stick around a while, make a trade, stranger things have happened!

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