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Cards get set to play division contenders

April 15, 2008


that was a decent, but not a great roadtrip. I’ve always heard that you can tell a team’s good if they can win most (or 2/3) at home and split on the road; that’s what the cardinals have done so far this season. granted, its really still too early to tell how good (or bad) they are going to be.

it gets harder though; potentially a lot harder. the cardinals will play the brewers for a three game series starting tonigt; then, they get the giants again with their nice young and talented rotation.

the cards starting pitching might actually see an offense that is actually can hit and is getting it done a little bit; beware though, it has not really been clicking on all cylinders. my number one draft pick, prince fielder, has really been slumping this season and its really put me behind the eightball in my fantasy league, but I keep telling myself that the season just started and there is still a long way to go. also, jj hardy among others is not hitting as well, but he eventually will. on the other hand, guys like weeks and billy hall have really been on a tear as of late. so, these three games are going to be a test to the pitching staff.

what the cardinals got going for them is that they will be facing the back of the brewers rotation in bush (tonight), villanueva (manyana) and parra (thursday). respectively, the cards are sending to the hill looper, wainwright and lohse. if the starting pitching holds up and the offense does what it is capable of doing against average starters at best, it looks like the cardinals can take two out of three games from the brew crew.

piniero made his 2008 debut and it was not a pretty one. yeah, he pitched 3.2 innings, giving up a homer, ten hits and six runs. not so good; he says he is healthy and ready to go, I guess we’ll see how he does next time and maybe he can prove his claims are true.

that’s it for now; let’s go card!

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