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Round two with the Brew Crew

April 21, 2008

at least the cards got that out of the way right?

they lost their first series of the season to the giants, losing 2 out of three; they also lost the season series with them 3-4. yesterday’s game was particularly bad because looper just got bombed! reyes did a nice job cleaning up the mess by pitching three innings and giving up one run.

mulder’s second rehab start seemed like it went well. he pitched six hits allowing three hits and walking three; he allowed no runs.

the roster move that was bound to happen occurred, but not the one you would expect. I really thought either thompson or reyes were going to be sent down (leaned more toward reyes because of everything thats happened). I guess that want to delay brendan ryan’s 2008 season debut; they sent done uncle rico washington and activated russ springer. doesnt that make them one bench player short?

next, the cards will play the brewers at miller park/field/dome/or whatever they call it. the matchups really favor the cards; tonight’s game will be wainwright vs. villanueva and tuesday it’ll be lohse vs. parra. so the cardinals really has a great advantage over the brewers; plus, gagne has been a hot mess by blowing three save chances already this season. seems like they signed him and maybe were expecting the gagne of old and not the one that exists today.

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