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Special game thread: friday the 25th of April

April 24, 2008

3-1, 5.49vs.
0-0, 2.77

looper started out hot, collecting three wins but his last time out he got rocketed. he got lit up for seven runs in his last start. hopefully, he will rebound and pitch a good game.

chacon has pitched pretty well this season, at least result and era wise. he has pitched 26 innings, walked 11 and struck out 14. that does not look like a good bb/k ratio. he is not this good, someone will figure him out and pound him sooner or later…hopefully it’ll be the cardinals.

houston- matsui, erstad, tejada, berkman, lee, blum, pence, towles, chacon.
St. Louis- schumaker, ankiel, pujols, duncan, glaus, kennedy, molina, looper and ryan.

tony loaded up on the lefties tonight against chacon. he must know something…lefties must hit this guy pretty hard. ok, thats it for the game thread; go cards!

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