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Bring on the Cubbies!

May 2, 2008

So, its here…the first cards/cubs series of the season at busch…awesome!

some really good pitching matchups for the cardinals; not so much for the cubbies because big z will not pitch this series.

so, lets look at the matchups:

game 1: tonight at 7:15 central time, its our ace, wainright vs. lefty rich hill

now, we all know that the cardinals usually struggle tremendously against lefty starters, but thats not so much the case this season. If I remember correctly, they have been decent against left handed pitching. I think a lot of that goes to plate descipline that this teams seems to have; they have gotten on base by drawing a lot of walks. the problem comes when you don’t drive runs in and thats what happened. recently.

bueno waino was really good the last time out going 9 innings and collecting the win. If waino is sharp and hill has his stuff tonight, this can be great pitching duel.

game 2: saturday afternoon, 2:55 start. its Lohse vs. Lilly, another lefty

lohse has been pretty damn good so far this season. its all because he has not allowed a home run this season in 34.1 innings pitched. I don’t mean to sound like a pessimist, but that does not jive with his career norms; so, seems to be due for a couple of bombs and the cubbies got plenty of hitters that can do that (lee, ramirez, soriano, fukudome, etc.)

also, don’t forget, the big cardinal blogger project covers this game; I’ll be doing the 9th inning, meaning I’ll be your izzy. check back here saturday night or sunday morning for full inning coverage. also, for everything about the cardinal blogger project, check out C70’s site.

game 3: sunday night game on espn, 7:15 start time. wellemeyer vs. ol’ friend marquis

yes, its bipolar betty against broad shoulders. marquis has not been that bad this season, except last start was his worst of the season. he pitched 5 innings and gave up five earned runs…so, let’s hope that carries over to sunday. he does a have decent 4.45 era though with 17 k’s and 10 bb’s.

now, welley has been decent himself, even though I don’t like to admit it. he has made seven starts on the season and has pitched at least six innings in all of them except his first start of the season in which he threw 5. he seems to have a lot more control also, walking a lot less batters these days. I don’t know how long that’s going to hold up, maybe he finally made the adjustment in which he throws with less velocity (91-93 mph) with more control instead of throwing with more velocity (94-97 mph) with less control. he can also reach back for some extra pop on occasion if he really needs it…it will be there.

also, I do expect bryan barton to start at least one of the games against the two lefties hill and lilly if not one. let’s see how this series goes. ok, check back here saturday night/sunday morning for the blogger project and go cards!

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