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Almost done!

May 9, 2008

ok, you’ve probably been expecting this because of the trend that I have set over the last couple of months, or make that years. I apologize for neglecting the blog, but this time, I have the most legit reasons ever…

I’ll be graduating from college in about a week and I’ve had tons of papers and finals to study for and take and I still got one more on tuesday, but its basically over…so thats why I have not been updating the blog.

now, the cardinals have been treading water since sunday, something like a .500 record this week. they gave one game away to the rox; they should have won three out of four.

I’m really beginning to get concerned about izzy. he has already blown, what, three or four saves now? he has not been very consistant the last couple of weeks. I’ve watched a couple of innings in which he pitched and it looks like that damn flat cutter is back. it does not do anything and then gets hammered. he needs to get that straight or may its time to bring in perez or motte and get them some innings; that is, groom one to be the closer of this team. this is the last season on izzy’s contract. it would not hurt to get one of those guys some experience this season so they can just slide into the role next season.

on a very sad note, looks like the jimmy baseball tracker I put up on the sidebar will go down soon (the problem isnt that I have not updated it in forever, or so I have convinced myself). jimmy baseball has been released by the padres after struggling all season defensively and offensively (hitting only .178). I really don’t know what to say. I did not know his demise was goin to come this soon. maybe because he is my favorite player of all time and I chose to be subjective and ignore it. if he is done, I hope the cardinals sign him to a one day deal, the some of the nfl teams have done, so he can retire a cardinal. also, I would love for them to bring him back as a coach or a special assistant on this team. he can really improve the outfielders defense. just think what he could do with slick rick and that rocket arm.
y’know, I never get tired of this pic, ever! I just wish the greatest centerfielder in cardinals history could have gone out on his own terms. I guess all those highlight reel catches and putting your body on the line all those years really took a toll on him. finally, in my book, jimmy is definitely a hall of famer.

I think the cards have found their clean up hitter; at least against lefties. I know thudwick (I really like that nickname) has really been in the zone, but he might be the cardinals best option at cleanup, if not everyday, then against lefties. I think this guy is an everyday player. the cards should really trade duncan, he is the worst of all the outfielders they got. his main attribute is power and he is not hitting for any this season. plus, as some of you have seen in colorado, his defense is still really bad!

now, to he current cards. the split a four game series with the rox. tonight, they start a four game series at milwaukee.
tonight: wellemeyer vs. parra, a lefty 7:05 start
saturday: pineiro vs. sheets, 2:45 start
sunday: looper vs. our old friend soups, 1:05 start, this game will be televised on the st. louis local station, channel 5, ksdk
and monday: bueno waino vs. bush, 7:05 start.

there’s going to be some really good pitching when you got both sheets and waino pitching. have you seen sheets pitch recently? finally, he is living up to his ace status; this guy is great when he is healthy, and he needs to stay healthy and on all season for the brewers to compete this season.

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