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Weekend Wrapup & Waino to pitch for series split

May 12, 2008

not a great, but eventful weekend one might say.

to begin the series, the cardinals looked like they had that game in the bag on friday, but the brewers kept chipping away at the lead. finally, it got the 9th inning and the cardinals had a one run lead and in comes the izzyman. what happens next you ask?

well, he gets the first two out, then I thought it was a 1,2,3 kinda save…..but no! even though weeks is batting below .200, he does not seem to miss mistakes. izzy needed a strike with the bases loaded, so he threw that god awful cutter and guess what happened? it was flat and right in the zone; weeks pulled it to left for a game ending 2 run single. brewcrew win the first one, 4 to 3. wellemeyer actually had a pretty solid start and pujols had homered off of parra for his 7th bomb of the season.

another big story sprung up from this blown save, izzys’ fifth of the season. he took himself out of the closer’s role temporarily, at least until he can get himself straight. he admitted that he is healthy, but he cant throw his curve for a strike and his cutter is not cutting; which equates to it being a flat 88 mph fastball that gets hit hard. I give izzy a lot of credit for this, he really had to have some balls and come out and say that he did not want to cost this team anymore wins and he did. I really respect him a lot more now than I did before.

“It’s just something that needs to be done,” Isringhausen said. “It wasn’t about them. It was about me.” “I haven’t been doing the job. Everybody sees it. It’s time to get it taken care of,” he said.

so now, tlr says that he will use franklin and springer as closers depending I guess on their availability, the situation and the matchups:

“We’re just going to mix and match,” he said. “We’ve got a couple lefthanders. We’ve got (Ryan) Franklin and (Russ) Springer. We’ll see who we’ve got available each day.”

In the mean time, I guess dunc will work with izzy on his mechanics to get him straighten out and back in the closer’s role; until then, he will be pitching in the 6th and 7th inning I suppose.

saturday’s game was similar to friday’s game, but the ending was much better. pineiro pitched a good game, going 6.1 innings and only allowing two earned runs. then villone a allowed a run and it was all tied up in the 8th inning going into the 9th at 3-3. then, in the ninth, facing gagne, big thudwick came up and hit a clutch two run single off of an eric gagne changeup to give the cardinals a 5 to 3 lead. franklin came and and got the save. cards win this one, 5 to 3.

looper had a shaky start and supp had control problems to begin the game. supp settled down without much damage done, but the same cannot be said for looper. he was not horrible, but he was not good enough yesterday. braden gave up four runs in six innings pitched, two of those coming off of the bat of braun as two solo shots. supp on the other hand gave up one earned run through seven innings pitched and collected 4 k’s. the cardinals, as they seem to be doing all season long, made it interesting all the way. thudwick stayed hot and hit a 8th inning solo homer to get the cardinals to within three runs. then, yadier had a rbi single in the 9th inning. to end the game and the threat, adam kennedy grounded out the the shortstop and jj hardy made a great throw to get him out. cardinals lose this one by the score of 5 to 3.

so, tonight, the cards send their ace to the mound, wainwright, and go for the series split against the brew crew. wainwright (3-1, 2.25 era) goes against dave bush (0-4, 6.98 era). last time out bush went 6 innings against the florida marlins and gave up 6 earned runs, let’s hope he does the same tonight. here’s hoping for a cards win tonight!

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