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Let’s not talk about it…

May 13, 2008

k? ok. I won’t talk about last night’s game if you won’t. so, bad road trip overall…left two games on the table that they should have won; one at colorado and on in milwaukee.

now it’s home sweet home. the cardinals will start a six game homestand tonight; three against the buccos and three against the surprisingly decent to good tampa bay rays. after that, the cards head on the road to play what would have been jimmy baseball’s new team.

tonight, its lohse (3-2, 4.87 era; most because of his last start which was pretty bad) vs. dumatraitm, lefty that has been good this season, going 1-1 with a 3.86 era.

now, rumors have been circulating around the interwebs that the cubs are really going after jimmy ballgame; they want to send felix pie down to the minors and they would like a lefty bat in the outfield. edmonds fits the bill, if he can stick. I hope he can for his sake, because I’d like for him to be able to end his career on his own terms. it won’t cost them much to give him a shot considering they only have to pay him major league minimum.

greg maddux thinks that jimmy still has something left to offer and derosa wouldnt mind jimmy joining the cubs if he can contribute:

Padres pitcher Greg Maddux said Monday he thinks Edmonds still has something left in his tank. After hitting .153 in April, Edmonds was 5-for-18 (.278 ) in six games in May with a .381 on-base percentage. While his defense isn’t what it used to be, the eight-time Gold Glover would be playing his home games in a much smaller park than spacious Petco Park.
Mark DeRosa said after Monday’s win that Edmonds would be welcome in the Cubs’ clubhouse.
“He’s been on a lot of winning ballclubs, he’s won a championship,” he said. “He’s been a mainstay there in the middle of the lineup for a great team for a long time. I know one of the things this team lacks is left-handed bats. If he can come and help us out, bring him on.”

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