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Extended weekend wrapup 2.0

May 20, 2008
so, another week long drought from the good ol’ blog. again, I have very good and legitimate reasons why. one, precommencement was friday were I got to walk across the stage. saturday, the actually commencement for all of saint louis university went down, which included all the graduates. both of these events were held in the gorgeous new chaifetz arena. for saturday’s ceremony, mr. joe buck was the commencement speaker and he was pretty funny. so yeah, a lot going on during the last week or so, including before the graduation ceremonies, finals. well, now thats over and so is undergrad life…now, I’m headed to grad school. thats whats been going on with me in a nutshell….time to go back to our local programing!

bullet point roundup:

  • so, the weekend got off to a bad start when the cards lost to the rays 3 to 1. looper pitched decent, but the offense was not there. the only bright spot, the one run, was a homer by duncan. finally, duncan’s bat seems to be coming to life. this was also, the game in which chris perez made his much anticipated debut in the majors and threw a scoreless inning. this came about because the cardinals had enough of izzy, so they put him on the dl to get him straightened out.
  • saturdays’ game was sure a good one, a nail biter; actually, both games were pretty awesome. first, skip hits a walk off double to win the game in which the big Thud(wick) blasted another bomb.
  • then, Big Thud went deep twice to win the cardinals the game and the series against the rays; the later bomb was in the 10th inning. this guy is really on fire, he is hitting bombs left and right. I don’t expect him to maintain this pace, but I think the cardinals may have found the clean up hitter that they have been looking for.
  • then, last night, ludwick does it again. another bomb, a two run shot to give the cardinals a 2 to 0 lead. the hitter star in this game was not ryan, it was the great one, simply know as pujols. he hit two mammoth shots. you can see that teams are finally pitching to him because of the protection behind him is actually hitting (ludwick). man, the first homer was a moonshot, very similar to the one off of brad lidge. I heard that they claimed it was a 405 feet shot, but I beg to differ. no was did that ball only go 405 feet, at least 455. I would have really would have liked to see were it might have ended up if that building was not there.
  • now, slick rick has an “achy” shoulder. he was not placed on th dl, lets hope its nothing serious; but with this medical staff, you never know. I’ll cross my fingers.
  • mark mulder, unsurprisingly, has another setback. he supposedly has a sore something or another, which does not really matter. he will be shut down for 10 to 14 days and then be reevaluated. thats a setback because he would need to recondition and get his arm strength back. honestly, I did not expect him to contribute this season and after last season, I kind of expected mulders’ final season with the cards (hopefully they dont pick up that 13 million dollar option) to be a nonfactor. clemente has not been mentioned yet. so, the only guy I’m expecting anything from this season is the former cy young award winner, chris carpenter. I guess we should hope for the best and expect the worst with mulder and clemente.

so, thats it for now. enjoy the west coast trip; hopefully the cards take this series from the woeful padres and kick some butt in LA.

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