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Here come the ‘stros!

May 27, 2008

that was a nice road trip for the cardinals wasn’t it? 4-2, that’s not too shabby if I do say so myself. on the downside, they practically gave that game away on sunday, and I specifically referring to chris duncan here. what was he doing out there, taking a lunch break or what? that was the latest jump on a ball I have probably ever seen. so, the cards take both series; from the pitiful padres and from the surging dodgers.

man, that kershaw kid is really good! that curveball is phenomenal. its better than wainwright’s yellow hammer to beltran. the only curveball that I have ever seen that compares to that on is good ol’ matty mos’ curveball. that thing was 12 to 6 all the time (exaggeration; most of the time). still, kershaws’ is better. that thing is off the charts. well, except when you leave it up in the zone to a professional hitter like AP, then it gets nailed down the left field line for a hit.

I have never before seen a one player solely put two players on the dl in the same game.  WOW! if anybody could do it, its the man the can do it all, Pujols. it looks like bard, who I thought got the less severe injury, will probably miss more time they said. chris young has a broken nose I think; good thing there. those kinds of freak accidents usually end careers.

also, perez has really been lights out since he’s come up to the big leagues. he had a couple more real good outings over the extended weekend and last week. still, tony will not anoint him as closer of the team and rightfully so. franklin has done nothing to cause tlr to make such move; he has pitched pretty well also. plus, whether we like it or not, izzy will be back a few weeks and tlr will put him back n the closer role, so let’s not make him closer yet. if he keeps on pitching like this the rest of the season (if they keep him up here in the bigs), then it will be a lot easier to let izzy go at the end of the season (he can still come back, but at reduced pay and as a setup man or something).

now, the red hot astros are coming to town. they are surprisingly willing games; they were the one team who I though could possibly be worst than the cardinals this season, along with the pirates. I guess I’m swallowing my words now, for now.

their pitching has been expectantly sound, and their hitters are on fire. berkman, or the big puma, is really tearing it up, he is just having a career season. he is hitting something like .380+ with around 16 bombs and 45 rbis. another guy on a hit streak is tejada who is hitting around .340 and driving in runs. carlos lee and hunter pence are hitting for power and driving in runs; pence is just starting to come around after being in an offensive funk to start the season.

the cards need to keep at it and keep winning series because 12 of their next 15 games will be very crucial matches against opposing teams from the nl central.

one more thing before the matchups, who the the hell decided it was a good idea to have a day off on memorial day? only that clown bud would do such a thing. every team should play on every summer holiday, its part of the freaking tradition! but hey, this is just part of selig’s horrible reign over mlb.

now, to the matchups:

today, its looper vs. chacon, 7:15 start

wednesday, its bueno waino vs. wandy rodriguez &

thrusday, its lohse vs. oswalt

Finally, Go Cards!

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