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Cards get thumped by the Astros

May 28, 2008
so, braden was himself yesterday, very “looper-like” if I can say that. he was not on, so he got tattooed all over the place. this equated to four runs allowed in the first, and 7 runs earns runs (8 in all) by looper in a not so good start; a horrendous start.

he did not have it, and to top it off, the astros offense has been on fire as of late which spelled disaster for the cardinals. looper dug the cardinals into too deep of a hole. chacon was pretty good too, keeping the cards down, but not albert who actually went 4 for 4 with a solo shot.

there were a couple of problems that I observed during the game (not related to looper). one, the top two hitters who are supposed to set the table went 0 for 7 with 3 k’s. you are not going to win many games with those stats. two, why the hell was Big Thudwick not starting? tlr logic was that chacon has a lopsided splits when it comes to facing righties vs. lefties. his numbers are a lot better against righthanded hitter than lefthanded hitters. thats fine, but ludwick has that too in that he hits righthanders better than he does left handers. plus, he is the second best hitter on the team and the hottest hitter on the team. also, the cardinals lost 2 of their last three games and ludwick sat out two of the last three games, any correlation there, I think so. As any good scientist will tell you, correlation does not automatically lead to causation, so I will allow the sample size to grow from now on and will present to you the info that I will gather regarding this topic.

so, you take your pick. in my opinion, duncan should have sat and ludwick should have played. also, duncan was 2 for 6 against chacon lifetime, which is too small of a sample size to make any kind of sound judgment. again, ludwick should have started over duncan.

now, one of the few bright spots that can be taken out of the game was bartons’ first career homerun. it was nice to see him get that goose egg off of his statpage for homers. way to go!

one last negative that I might have over looked; kennedy continues to slump, going 0 for 4 last night and his average sinking to .242, he also struck out 3 times. I don’t know what’s up with this guy. did his hitting skills deteriorate that fast? is it just a slump? is it the lack of playing time? I don’t know, but he better figure it out before miles becomes the full time 2nd baseman. needless to say, cardinals easily lost this one, 8 to 2.

a couple of roster moves were also made; pineiro to the dl and jimenez to the bigs. joel is said to have a groin strain and will miss at least one start. parisi will probably get the nod to take his turn in the rotation, kelvin jimenez (GULP!), will take parisi’s place in the ‘pen.

tonight, its our ace, bueno waino vs. the lefty wandy rodriguez. wandy will be coming off of the dl and making his first start. he is a lefty, so you never know. here’s hoping his is a little rusty because of his dl stint and that the cardinals can win this one and even up the series.

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