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Bueno Waino 2.0

May 29, 2008

sorry, I did not have a better title…I’m already reusing and recycling titles from earlier this season. coming up with good titles for blog posts is hard work; you try doing it three or four times a week.

to the game we go; one word, WOW! waino held a very hot team with some very potent bats to just three hits in eight innings pitched. that is some impressive stuff, the ace was on yesterday. he gave up one earned run on a one pitch that resulted in a solo homer to wigginton, the astros 3rd baseman. he also walked one and struck out 8.

the offense was pretty good too, putting up six runs on the board. ryan did a very good job leading off by getting on base; he went 2 for 4. surprise, surprise; ludwick was back in the lineup and he got a hit and drove in a run. molina is having a fine offensive season so far, he also had a couple of hits and had a couple of rbis. the man who has really been a surprise offensively lately, at least to me anyway, had a hit, which was a triple that drove in two runs; that man was cesar izutris. all in all, some good numbers, even though AP and Ank went hitless, the cardinals still won it, 6 to 1.

now, the cardinals will go for the series win; its gonna be lohse versus oswalt, but not the same old roy that we know and hate.

he has not been himself this season; he has been pretty bad actually, I should know since he is on my fantasy baseball team which has not been doing good by the way.

here are the cardinals career numbers against oswalt ( got these stats from VEB, the comment section by “gocards62”):
Ank .400/.400/400 10 ABs
Iz2 .400/.500/.400 5
AK .375/.444/.625 8
Skip .333/.455/.333 9
LaRue .308/.419/.308 26
Albert .299/.356/.507 67
Dunc .188/.278/.438 16
Miles .143/.143/.214 14
Ryan .125/.125/.250 8
Molina .100/.100/.100 10
Ludwick .000/.000/.000 3
Glaus .000/.000/.000 5

so, that is why larue will start tonight against roy. I’m guessing that kennedy, ankiel, izturis and skip will also be in the lineup. needless to say, albert will also play against oswalt. hopefully, roy doesn’t revert back to his career norms against the cards and pitches like he has this season (especially the bad starts). finally, let’s go cards!

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  1. May 30, 2008 3:40 pm

    Blog titles are terrible to come up with. It’s like naming something daily, and I am really bad at naming things.

    Good to see the Cards get the win. Here’s hoping for a strong weekend against the Pirates and the Rockies finish the job one of these games and beat the Cubs. (Blowing a 9-1 lead. Incredible.)

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