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Is this a Major league team?

June 2, 2008
I’m not trying to insult the cardinals, but there have been so many new faces that its mind boggling. more and more players have been called up that have never played in the majors before that its seems really refreshing to me that the cardinals minor league system is finally producing big league players.

this is a testament to jeff lunhow and all of the staff that have worked on making the minors better and drafting better players and moving players up quickly to see what they got and if they can handle new challenges or not.

so, Joe Mather, or “Joey Bombs”, was called up a couple of days ago in a reciprocal move that sent down chris duncan to AAA. I think that was the right decision. dunc has really been struggling, even though he had that two rbi single off of oswalt that helped the cardinals win that game and take the series from the astros as a result.

the cardinals are going to be facing plenty of lefty pitching and dunc wasn’t going to play much anyways. so, why not send him down and let him play everyday in mathers’ old spot in the outfield? good move.

now, after jimenez got rocked (which I kind of anticipated), he has been sent down and the guy who should have been a september callup last year is finally gonna get to make his major league debut. yes, mark worrell has finally been called up.

I can’t wait to see that sidearm delivery. maybe dave duncan will get caught on camera cringing because he likes smooth repeatable delivery. either way, I can’t wait to see this guy pitch.

good weekend over all; took two out of three from the bucs. saturday’s game was brutal though. he pitched all of 2 2/3rds innings, allowing 8 hits and 8 runs. three of them kelvin allowed though because jimenez was brought in with the bases loaded and then he gave up a grand slam to the first batter that he faced. so, yeah, not a great start.

so, tonight will be the final game of the four game weekend series against the bucs. Wainwright is gonna tow the rubber against the lefty Gorzelanny.

after that, the cardinals go on the road for 9 games. three against the nationals, three at the juice box and a day off. then the road trip concludes with three at cincy. wouldn’t it be awesome if griffey holds off on his 600th career homer until the cardinals come in to town. if I remember correctly, he hit his 500th career homer against the cardinals.

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  1. June 2, 2008 2:02 pm

    You do remember correctly–I was at that game, the last Cardinal game I have seen in person.

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