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June 12, 2008

(AP Photo/Al Behrman)

well, have not posted in a bit because of a couple of reasons: one, waino was down and out for a couple of weeks and its a huge downer when your ace goes on the dl. then, the more physically challenging thing occurred…I had surgery, and I consider it major surgery because I’ve never had one done before…I got my wisdom teeth taking out, all four of them.

needless to say I was not happy about that and my gums are still aching a bit with some blood still oozzing from the dark red spots in my mouth that used to filled with teeth…sorry for the graphic details, but you get the idea.

another real bummer came along just as I was ready to post something…

the unthinkable happen, the one thing that could make or break the cardinals season that was not supposed to occur did and that really did it for me.

the great one got injured, and when I saw pujols get carried off of the field, I thought the season was over. now, I know he will be out for at least a month, maybe 6 weeks which is good news since its not a full tear of the calf but a partial tear.

maybe he will come back at the same time as carpenter, right after the allstar break? that would be awesome wouldn’t it? pujols and carpenter coming off of the dl on the same day? with the cardinals still streading water around .500 and still in the race for the division?

that would be a dream come true!

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