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Cards to host Royals in ShowMe State Rivalry

June 17, 2008

the cardinals will look to take a couple of games from their intrastate rivals, the royals, in interleague play. they have to play the royals 6 times, this series is gonna be at busch. the next one in KC.

so, the cards will face some decent starting pitchers; ones that the cards never seen before. tonight, its kyle davies against joel pineiro. this will be davies’ 4th start this season. he has been pretty good in his first three, going 5 innings in his first one and 6/6+ in his last two and allowing only one earned run in each start.

let’s hope joel brings his A game and gets this team some much needed innings to relieve the pen; actually, let’s hope all three starters against the royals do it because I don’t think the red sox hitters will be too easy on cardinals’ pitching.

tomorrow, it will be braden looper versus brian bannister. now, bannister was pretty damn good last year, but his season he has been sporadic, throwing some pretty good 1 or 2 run games and then blowing up and allowing 6 and 7 in others. I’m wishing for the later. I’m also wishing braden does a retake and pitches another complete game three hitter, but that might be too much to ask for.

then, thursday, its zack greinke against todd wellemeyer. I’ve seen this kid greinke pitch and he has really good stuff. I’ve actually tuned in to some royals game and watched a couple of starts and man is he good; especially early in the season. his ERA has ballooned to 3.48 because of a couple of bad starts, especially one were he gave up 8 earned runs to to the white sox and another were it was 6 earned runs to the bluejays. still, this kid has the stuff and the velocity; he fastball consistantly ranges between 96-98 mph on the gun.

don’t forget about kc’s lineup; they got some really good hitters. guillen, gordon, dejesus, gathright, teahen, etc. I’m especially excited to get a chance to see alex gordon. that guy is gonna be good for a long time; he can also hit the ball a really long way out!

don’t forget, the royals also have a really good, allstar closer in joakim soria, who they picked last season I believe in the rule 5 draft. he has collected 15 saves this season and has 30 K’s in 29 innings pitched (and a 1.55 era). pretty damn good I’d say.

I hope wellemeyer is no longer “achy” because they cardinals will need him to do what he has done for most of this season now that wainwright is out; actually they need him even more.

finally, let’s go cards!

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