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Cardinals duel Red Sox at Fenway

June 20, 2008

so, um, what am I supposed to write or post today? 2004 world series rematch, first time these two teams played against each other in interleague play since 2005, that sorta stuff?

well, yeah, but that’s if I expected stuff to go decently this roadtrip. right now, my head is filled with bad thoughts of getting swept by boston, detroit and KC! you too? no way!

ok, calm down…truthfully, I think the cardinals got a shot to win one game at fenway, and that is tonight’s game.

it’s gonna be lohse against wakefield, and this is the best pitching matchup for the cardinals this weekend, in my opinion.

why? because saturday, in a game that will be nationally televised on fox, its gonna be the rookie, boggs going against the japanese fireballer, matsuzaka.

the only glimmer of hope there that I could come up with is that he might be a bit rusty coming off of the dl; that’s all I’ve got. can you think of anything else?

just think, you are a rookie, making your second major league start, at fenway park….what would be going through your mind at that moment when you step on the mound to throw your first pitch against the defending 2007 w.s. champs? I think it would be pretty scary.

in the end, it is what it is on paper….but wins and losses are not determined on paper; I guess that’s why they play the game. we will see. one of my many favorite sayings that I have picked up over the years is this: always be prepared for anything, do your best, hope for the best but expect the worst.

I don’t know what that says about me, but after typing it out, that sounds pretty sad.

sunday’s pitching matchup is not much better. the young stud lefty who has already pitched a no-hitter this season and might potentially be the future ace of the sox staff, lester, will face the former red sox joel pineiro.

if this team can come out of this nine game road trip with 4 or even 3 wins, that would be just fine with me.

oh, I forgot to tell my two readers this the other day; reyes was dled right before his start that brad thompson pitched instead. then, thompson was sent back to AAA and parisi was brought up and I guess put in the pen.

I wonder who tony will use as DH? barton, or maybe ryan? we will see as the nightmare that is interleague play 2008 continues.

until next time (hopefully monday)…..enjoy your weekend and Go Cards!

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