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Being Pleasantly Surprised

June 23, 2008

are you kidding me? how can a team look totally god-awful at one moment after getting swept by one of the worst teams in the majors and then almost sweep one of the best teams (if not the best)?

I guess that’s why you gotta play the games on the field first to determine the true outcomes. so, this was unexpected right? possible, but not probable…

I personally thought they had a pretty good chance to beat wakefield since the pitching matchup was in their favor. so, they did win with the help of a gritty pitching performance by lohse and some bombs by larue, molina and schumaker. cards win, final score: 5 to 4.

then came the surprise of saturday. let’s be honest here, I did not expect them to pull this one out. I did however, think that they had a shot against matsuzaka because he might be a little rusty coming off of the dl…and sure enough he left a couple of pitches up and got pounded. the real surprise was boggs’ real good start at fenway; he gave the cardinals 5.1 innings while allowing 3 earned runs…so basically he did not kill his team after they gave him an 8 run lead.

oh yeah, they had an offensive outbursts in the 1st and 2nd innings by scoring 4 runs in each inning; the scoring was highlighted by a grand slam over the green monster hit by glaus. he is finally showing the power that we all thought he was gonna do. so, cards win the 2nd one, 9 to 3.

so, they won the series right? no, the boys went for the sweep and almost got it too if it wasn’t for that guy…yooooooooooook!

pineiro was great, going toe to toe with the the young stud lefty, lester. he pitched 7 innings while lester pitched 7.1 innings; both only allowed 2 earned runs.

they were leading 2 to 1, when chris perez blew the save and all the sudden, the sox led 3 to 2. now at the point, I thought the game was over. why? well, papelbon filthy the whole season with (now) 43 k’s, 5 bb’s in 33.1 innings pitched (2.16 era after the game, it ballooned to that).

wouldn’t you know it? duncan and kennedy were the last two hitters and almost every cardinals fan was thinking that it was over, but no.

duncan got on and then kennedy decided to play hero which is a very unfamiliar role for him. he hit a papelbon fastball to the base of the centerfield wall which allowed for duncan to score from second.

alas, it was not to be. parisi gave up a two run walk off homer to youkilis in the bottom of the 13th to end it and the sox prevented the sweep. final score, 5 to 3.

one more thing; stavinhoa finally got called up, why? because izturis pulled his hammy and went on the dl.

next stop, detroit. that’s all for today. be back tomorrow to talk about the series versus the tigers and other stuff that might pop up.

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