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KC Weekend and “Oh decent lefty where art thou?”

June 27, 2008

yeah, that’s what the cardinals have been doing as of late.

check this, so the royals are not pushovers any longer because they got so many talented young players on the team. they are also opening up their wallets and spending some money on free agents (meche and guillen are a couple of examples).

on the other hand, they are still not that good and the cards proceeded to get swept by them before this road trip.

then, the went to boston and took two out of three; they should of actually swept the red sox but mr. parisi gave it up.

then, they go to detroit and play them real tough. they took the first game. the second game, they kept taking the lead, but the bullpen (which has been really bad overall as of late; over a time span of like the last 2 to 3 weeks or so) coughed it up. so, this game the tigers were really resiliant and kept climbing back and you just tip your cap to them and move on.

then came yesterday’s unbearable game. man, its like everytime someone got on base, the got stranded; its like timo perez was up there all the time with people on base or something.

the bullpen basically spoiled albert’s great comeback. the man came off of the dl and went 4 for 4 with a game tying rbi in the 9th; what more do you want from him?

you can blame the offense all you want, but the tigers scored all of three runs and two of them came on bases loade walks. this was the bullpen’s fault.

let’s face it, the pen’s lefties are pretty horrible. flores can’t really get anyone out and speaking of flores, he has been put on the dl. in the same story, it says mulder will probably not be ready to start in kc. also, boggs will get the nod on saturday.

villone has not been bad also, especially against right handers. tony seems to love to use him against righties for one reason or another.

so, the biggest need for this team is some bullpen relief. at least one lefty and maybe a righthanded long reliever as well. the great writer derrick goold suggests that maybe mulder should get a shot at the LOOGY thing. I agree with him one hundred percent. It could not hurt anymore than if you trot villone or flores out there; give it a shot and see if it sticks.

also, how about trying jaime garcia or ron flores? give’em a shot also. garcia has been pretty damn good and he struck out 10 in his last start allowing 3 earned runs in 6.2 innings pitched. he can be a guy that gets lefties out and a long reliever that eats innings.

then, you got randy’s brother ron. he was ok until this month june in which he has an era of 8.30, but maybe its the sample size (8.2 innings; in may he pitched 16 and 12.2 in april). his BB/PA jumped more than 10% and his K/PA decreased more than 10% so I don’t know if this is just a slump or maybe he is returning to the mean.

to conclude this bullpen rant, MO needs to go out and get at least one lefty reliever, but if you are looking within the system, you got at least three lefties that you can try and see if they can stick: mulder, garcia or ron flores.

tonight, the cardinals will begin their three game series over at KC against the pesky royals.

Tonight: Joel Pineiro (2-3, 3.86 era) vs. Gil Meche (5-8, 4.91 era)
Saturday night: Mitchell Boggs (2-0, 5.40 era) vs. Kyle Davies (3-0, 3.12)
Sunday afternoon: Braden Looper (9-5, 4.22) vs. Brian Bannister (7-6, 4.47)

at least the cardinals get to miss Grienke this time; that’s a huge relief. cards bettter not take this team lightly because the royals have a 12-3 interleague record this season; three of those wins have come against the cards. they also swept the colorado rox this season.

let’s hope the cardinals payback those royals this weekend with a sweep! also, Mr. Pujols loves to hit at Kauffman to the tune of 8 homers and a .398 average in 21 games there.

enjoy your weekend and GO CARDS!

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