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Cards/Cubs Holiday Extravaganza!

July 4, 2008

hey everyone, it is july 4th, 2008. as we do every year, we are celebrating the United States’ independence day.

what better way to do it than by playing and watching the nation’s past time, the game of this great country.

Now, you can’t have it any better than a great midwestern rivalry between two teams with a lot of history between them. it cannot get anymore american than that can it?

oh yes it can. the cubbies are bringing with them the cardinals former center fielder, jimmy edmonds. he also happens to be the greatest centerfielder in cardinals history.

I hate to say it, but he is a cub now and you gotta do what you gotta do. the cardinals are only two games and a half behind the cubs in the hunt for the the nl central division title.

if the cardinals sweep (which would be awesome!), they catapult themselves into first place; if they take two out of three, the gain a game and would only be a game and a half behind the cubbies. if god forbid they get swept, then you still got a little less than half a season to make up the difference or enter the playoffs through the wildcard.

now, let’s get to the pitching matchups:

Tonight- Big Z against the one time reliever/closer, Blooper

Saturday- the lefty Lilly against the interim ace Lohse

Sunday- another lefty, marshall against the colonel Wellemeyer

those are your weekend pitching matchups. in my opinion, the cardinals have the upper hand in game two and three when it comes to starting pitching (unless todd is not back to his old self, ie. healthy or the cards go back to their old ways and stop hitting off of lefty starters).

now, tonight’s game is a coin flip. zambrano is coming off of the dl so he might be rusty and give up some runs. also, looper might not have his sinker and the cubs have a great offensive attack. no location + no sinker= get smoked by the cubbies.

I hope the crowd gives old jimmy a standing ovation his first time up to the plate, but after that one has to stay true to his team. sure, jimmy gave us some great memories and helped bring a championship to the STL, but he is still a cub.

Happy 4th of July! let’s hope for fireworks off of some cardinal bats and a sweep of the baby bears; enjoy your holiday weekend and stay safe!

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