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Lefties Galore

July 10, 2008

lefty here, there and everywhere…how many lefties are they gonna face and how many are they gonna get handcuffed by?

well, today the ageless wonder that is jamie moyer basically shut the cardinals down to the tune of 7 innings pitched and only 1 earned runs.

that is just unacceptable. how is this possible? they beat cole hamels, the staff ace and then lost to two league average to mediocre lefties? baseball is a weird game, I guess that’s why they play the game.

oh, that was a great come back from the dl by mulder was’nt it? he lasted all of 16 pitches and only got 5 strikes. wonderful…now he is back on the dl because something or another is wrong with his left shoulder. the man is done, he should just let it go, the cardinals should just let it go.

at least jaime garcia gets his first taste of the big leagues because of the mulder injury. I’m really excited to watch this talented lefty pitch. from what I have read on future redbirds, the guy has the stuff to be a pretty good starter…something like a #2 type or a 3rd starter. of course, he is gonna be in the pen. let’s hope tony uses villone against lefties only and jaime against both righties and lefties.

oh, almost forgot… about this “Arms Race” between the cubbies and the beermen? brewers get sabathia and the cubs counter with harden. I think the brewers win the battle; still, the cubs have a better team overall and should win the division. what this trade does for the brewers is allow them to leapfrog the cardinals and become the favorite to win the wild card…that’s jus my opinion.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that the cardinals should counter and make a move for a big move and that prospects are not guaranteed to work out, etc. blah, blah, blah….

I don’t think so. this was a rebuilding year to begin with, just because they have played themselves into this position doesnt mean they should mortgage the future for say a top notch starter or a big bat.

most guys you can get are three month rentals and will probably take colby rasmus plus a couple more prospects. colby is as close as you can get to a done deal. so, I say no way! keep the kids and let’s build for 2009 and beyond. whatever they can do the rest of the year is gravy. I would be really nice and entertaining for them to not fall to far behind the cubs and possibly brewers but that’s about it.

now, the cards play the bucs at pittsburgh the next three and then the three day allstar break runs monday through wednesday. the problem is, the cardinals seem to have reverted back to not hitting against lefties; they will be facing two lefty starters this weekend. duke on friday and dumatrait on saturday…both lefties. hold your breath (sigh). then, its snell to start the last game before the break.

hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow to chat some more….sorry about the week off (actually, its kinda been two weeks). I started my graduate studies before the fall classes start. I gotta work in the lab and get acquainted with it until my classes start; so, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ll try to get back up to speed.

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