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UCB Roundtable: All Star break Q&A

July 15, 2008

my question was to the guys that participated was: Who do you think will be in the Cardinals starting rotation come
opening day 2009? Who should be in or at least get a chance to crack
the rotation? Also, come next season, should Ankiel move to right field
and give room for Colby to play center?

Mike (Mike on the Cards): Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Kyle Lohse, Joel Pineiro, and
the best from a Royal Rumble in Jupiter from McClellan, Wellemeyer,
Garcia, and some random NRI. As far as Ankiel goes, even though I like
watching him patrol center, Rasmus is the future, so I say move him to
right. I’m sure he’ll get mixed around out there regardless. La Russa
plans to use 162 different lineups next season.

Cardinal John (The Cardinal Virtue): I don’t see Lohse having as good as a second half as he did the first
half. That means I see him playing for us. Carp, A&W, Lohse, JP,
and Garcia.

Pip (Fungoes): Carpenter, Wainwright, Lohse, Pineiro, Parisi. Mortensen should get a
chance. Assuming Rasmus is able to play every day, gets better reads on
balls than Ankiel has this year and has better discipline on throws, he
should be the centerfielder.

my answer: carpenter, and wainwright are locks; piniero probably is unless he gets
traded or something. wellemeyer probably will be back also since he is
still under the cardinals’ control. that’s 4 right there. the last spot
should be a competetion between the young guys, but I really would like
to have a lefty in the rotation, so, I’m looking at jaime garcia here.
so, my 2009 rotation would be: carpenter, wainwright, garcia,
wellemeyer, piniero. about the second question: I asked it because what
people thought about ankiel as a centerfielder. the man has a cannon
but still does not run great routes to flyballs deep or deep into the
gaps. I think he is probably more suited for rightfield especially with
that arm. Raz is the more natural centerfielder and its not like he
cannot throw. next season, Ankiel should be told to move to rightfield
because colby is gonna play center!

Dan ( C70 At the Bat): First off, I
think we’ll have a rotation of Wainwright, Carpenter, Free Agent (hopefully
someone like Sheets, but who knows), Pineiro and Garcia. The Cards have
to get at least one young pitcher up to start making an impact in the next year
or so. The second half of the question is, yes, I think I’d move Ankiel,
assuming he’s even here next year (which is a strong assumption). That’s
Colby’s spot. I love Rick out there and his arm is amazing, but it could
be very effective in right as well. With a solid defender in left, the
outfield defense could be a huge strength in 2009.

Well, that’s it for my question. be sure to check out the blogs that are linked on this post for more roundtable discussions about various questions that each person came up with.

here is a list of the questions that were submitted to the roundtable:


Should the Cardinals re-sign Kyle Lohse or save
the money and wade into the coming free-agent pitching market for Ben
Sheets, C. C. Sabathia, et. al.? How much would be too much to spend on
a free-agent pitcher, and where can they find the best value for the

CardinalsGM: What type of player or package of players would you be
willing to accept in a trade that involved Colby Rasmus in the deal?

The Cardinal Virtue: What’s more important, bullpen or lineup needs?

Fungoes: What’s the most radical roster change (lineup, position, pitching role) that just may work?

C70 At The Bat: Which player or players is the most likely not to be a Cardinal come August?

Mike on the Cards: There is an obvious need for an upgrade in the
middle infield for next season. There are some pretty good options
that should still be available this winter. Should the Cardinals go
after one? Who do you see as the everyday middle infielders in ’09?

Enjoy the All Star festivities!


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