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July 21, 2008

oh yeah, this one…I forgot I had one. I’ve been sparsely posting for the last three weeks because I started grad school at good old Saint Louis University and there seems to be a huge learning curve for molecular techniques, getting my head in the game again and knowing where everything is in the huge lab.

so, now I’m back (at least for now) and a lot has happened since my all star break post. one, the cardinals did a great job in winning the games they are suppose to win and swept the padres.

jaime garcia came up, had a decent outing and was sent back down. mitchell boggs is back up with the big club. mather was sent down to get an arm to protect the bullpen. that arm is, none other than one of the players that I’m really not too fond of…kelvin jimenez.

now, this was done because the cardinals are due to play 18 games in only 18 days (hence, no days off). I can understand that, but why not bring up someone else…anyone else. motte, worrell, perez or dare I say it… reyes?

Carpenter had an encouraging start in double A yesterday. he threw 61 pitches in 4 innings of work and topped out at 92 mph. he walked 4 and struck out 4. he of course was not satisfied with his work, and that is just fine by me. I like that he is not satisfied and did not say that “I was happy that I went out there and threw well…I felt good, no discomfort.” he has high standards for himself and I respect that.

finally, let’s talk abou the 4 game series the cardinals are about to play. its a good thing they swept the last series because in this one, the will go against both sheets and sabathia. personally, I would take a split and anything more is just gravy.

supp will be coming off of the dl to face his old mates tuesday so I’m looking forward to that.

Tonight: seth mcclung rhp (5-5, 4.15 era) vs. joel pineiro rhp (3-4, 4.52 era)
Tuesday: jeff suppan rhp (5-6, 4.71 era) vs. kyle lohse rhp (12-2, 3.35 era)
Wednesday: cc sabathia lhp (9-8, 3.51 era) vs. braden looper rhp (9-7, 4.60 era)
Thursday: ben sheets rhp (10-3, 2.88 era) vs. todd wellemeyer rhp (8-4, 4.22 era)

let’s take the first two and battle to get one of the last two. I’m not saying that they will the lose against sheets and sabathia because you gotta play the game, but the odds are against them. who knows, maybe one or both of them will have a bad day and the cards lineup (which has been hot as of late) can jump on them and score some runs.

well, that’s it for me today. enjoy the game; oh, if the cards sweep the brewers, that would give them a great advantage because it would put them 5 games ahead of milwaukee. if they get swept by the beermen (pray that they don’t), they might just be out of it because of the horses that milwaukee has. oh, one more thing…for all of you that wanted an uprade over at 2nd base and wanted durham, the beermen got him. so, he is off the market…too bad I guess. they did not give up that much for him.

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  1. July 23, 2008 11:35 am

    Unfortunately, we are already halfway to the wrong end of a sweep. Maybe this team can surprise us once again.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    August 10, 2008 8:53 pm

    who the heck was doing the announcing on the radio tonight, instead of Mike Shannon? He is Awful!

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