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Oh Snap!

July 24, 2008

well, this was certaintly unforseen…the brewers coming in here and taking the first three games of the four game series and now they are set pretty well for the four game sweep.

the cardinals had a pretty damn good chance at winning the first two; as of late though, the bullpen cannot hold a tie game or a slim lead (or a large one for that matter) if their lives depended on it. first it was franklin, then mcclellan, and so it goes…and here we are on the verge of getting swept by the beermen.

so, what now? I don’t know. izzy is terrible and franklin has been horrible in the month of july…to the tune of a 7.88 era, 3 homers and 7 earned runs in 8 innings pitched…yikes!

compare that to izzy’s numbers and it does not get much better. an era over 8, one and one third less innings pitched. you get the idea…so, I say to Mo “GO OUT AND GET A SHUTDOWN RELIEVER!”, plus a lefty…please, pretty please with a cherry on top? or else, its gonna be a long two months left.

oh, at least some good news. carp will probably be back in early august as long as he has two descent starts in triple A and he does not blow his arm out again. as for wainwright, looks like a mid to late august return to me.

finally, tonight’s game; the starting pitching does not favor the cards one bit. its the 2nd (or maybe you consider him the 1st) ace of the brewcrew, sheets versus the colonel wellemeyer.

now, we need the colonel to be his old self it have a chance in this game, but sheets is one ace the cardinals have had decent success against.

AP has crushed sheets to the tune of a .394 batting average, 4 homers and 10 rbis. also, kennedy and miles are both 5 for 15 against him and brendan ryan is 2 for 3 against sheets. now, ludwick and mather have not face him before, so I don’t know if either will be in tonight’s lineup.

alright boys, let’s prevent the dreaded 4 game sweep!

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