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Rapid Fire Facts

July 29, 2008

so, its game time, but I wanted to sum up everything that’s happened since saturday in a quick post so here it is:

  • nice to see the offense pound the rookie starter for the braves, charlie morton, for 8 runs I think and win the first game of the 4 game series, 9 to 2. pretty good start for loooper; then again, the braves’ two best hitters are on the dl, chipper and mccann. their top three starters (smoltz, glavine and hudson) are also on the dl. can’t blame them for being this bad.
  • Izzy is your closer.Why? Why? WHY?!?! bring up perez and see what he can do already. if you do that, you will not be giving up on the season, actually you might save it. you are 2 games back of the brewers and 4 back of the cubbies. also, 2nd in the wild card race to the brewers. franklin can’t do it and neither can izzy; I say anyone but those two…mcclellan, springer or the best option…chris perez. bring up the kid and let him crank up those fastballs ‘cuz thats what he does best and he can keep’em decent with the slider and whatever else he throws.
  • wagonmaker will probably start his rehab assignment sometime in the next week. I heard it was gonna be friday on bernie’s radio show. thing is, he doesn’t know whether he will close or start. I think the rotation needs him because carp can’t pitch more than 5 and at most 6 innings on wednesday and looper and wellemeyer only go around 5 innings (usually). they can just take one of those two guys out of the rotation and stick’em in the bullpen…maybe even as closer.
  • Ank has an abdominal lower strain. so, boggs down and stavinoha up so they don’t have to play short handed. good move I guess; who else would you bring up? maybe freese because of his hot bat (can he play left/right field? I don’t know).
  • its raining in the ATL, but strauss said on bernie’s show that things should clear up and they probably will get the game in. tonight, its wellemeyer vs. campillo. the colonel seems to be getting a little bit better each time out; if he can get his elbow healthy and throw that nice slider, than maybe he could pitch better and deeper into games…until then, he is just another looper.
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