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Rumblings on a Saturday

August 2, 2008

first things first…I guess it was a no go for Mo when it comes to the trade deadline. as many of you know, the cardinals did not make a move to improve the bullpen (neither getting a lefty reliever nor a shutdown closer) nor did he get that much talked about but never acquired “impact” bat that everyone always talk about.

the only deal that he made was the one many of us expected all along; he shipped reyes off to cleveland for a decent double A reliever with some potential. yeah, the organization held on to reyes too long and allowed his stock to plummet so low that that was the best they could do. oh well is all I could say…I just hope anthony proves everyone wrong and evolves into a very good, ace type starting pitcher with the indians.

still, sometimes the best moves are the moves that were not made. look at what the bucs got for jason bay…a huge haul. 4 very good prospects and no way were they going to deal him within the division if they did not get colby and the rest of the farm. those kind of deals don’t happen very often, I mean those three way deals. the dodgers suddenly look really scary with manny in that lineup and their very good starting pitching. the sox got a formidable right handed bat in bay to hit behind ortiz and a decent defender in left. so, I guess it worked out for all of them….except we’ll know who was the winner when october rolls around.

instead, the cards will look within the farm system to solidify the bullpen. in comes jaime; jimenez was sent down and garcia was called up. the articles says that jaime will be used solely out of the bullpen. I hope this is a wainwright-type initiation into the team….hopefully he helps solidify the pen for the rest of this season and crack the rotation next season.

in other news, slick rick is still suffering from that abdominal strain…he’ll try to get into the lineup when the dodgers come to town after the series with the phillies. speaking of the dodgers, the cardinals will get the pleasure of facing man-ram on tuesday after the day off monday; carpenter will start the first game of that series.

oh yeah, carp had a very promising start against the braves. he pitched 4 innings of one run ball…granted he got like three free outs from bunts (as lboros mentioned at VEB).

maybe ryan ludwick is finally getting his homerun stroke back; big Thud(wick) homered twice in the cardinals 6 to 3 win over the phillies in game one of the series on friday. guess who saved the game? yep, your “new” closer the Izzyman. first save for him since may 5th. its been a long time…now only 7 more saves to get to 300 career saves. also, ludwick now has 25 homers and 76 rbis to lead the team.

last but not least, a bit of bad news (or good news if you don’t like the guy personally or his play on the field). chris duncan will have surgery on his herniated disk; this means that he is done for the season. I wish only the best for duncan. I would very much like for him to fully recover and rediscover that power stroke that he wowed st. louis fans with his rookie season and the first half of his second big league season. in the mean time, lets hope that joey bombs stays on the big league squad so we can see what this guy can do with the bat; he has been hot lately churning out hits and homers frequently, or so it seems.

tonight, the cardinals will have looper tow the rubber against former A’s starter joe blanton. sunday, it’ll be wellemeyer vs. brett myers. they were able to beat the ace of the staff, let’s hope they can beat these two guys, but you never know. that’s why you play the game right?

enjoy your weekend and cardinals baseball everybody. I’ll just be here in the STL burning up in the 100 degree weather. let’s hope some of these bats heat up because the weather is already hot.

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