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Dodgers series in review

August 7, 2008

finally, a decent series for that cards; by that, I mean a series that they actually won (took 2 out of 3). the bullpen is still pretty damn bad. no one seems to be able to take the closer’s role and hold on to it; it’s like a freakin’ hot potato…

Friday: what do you know? the pen almost blew it again. carp made his second start after coming back from tommy john surgery and his debut in busch stadium. the man did a pretty damn good job by going 5 innings, allowing 3 hits and collecting 2 k’s while not allowing any runs. he was pretty economic too by only needing 51 pitches to do so.

the offense gave him a lead in the 5th with a run, and added another run in the 6th;then, they scored 2 more in the 7th. so, leading 4 to nothing, going into th 9th inning…game over right?

wrong! in comes villone to give up a solo jack. then, izzy came in to finish it and it did not go as planned. izzy went ahead and promptly allowed three runs and…..boom goes the dynamite! good thing he did not give them th lead.
so, the bullpen can’t save games but maybe ludwick can because he did on friday with a walkoff shot in the bottom of the 11th; cards win this one, 6 to 4.

Saturday: an ok start by piniero, he went 7 innings and gave up 4 runs. he got enough offensive help to record the win. no bullpen problems on this day. chris perez was called up and he shut the door by pitching the last 1.2 innings of the game. so, cards take game two of he series, 9 to 6.

that leads us to another story….so, perez is not the closer…what? here are tony’s reasons for that:

“The worst thing we can do right now is heap on expectations on Perez — anointing him the closer — mostly because he’s not ready for it,” La Russa said. “Just let him take his assignments and once in a while, he’s closing.”

I honestly don’t know why he is saying this. does he not know that this guy was the closer during his college career…does he not know that he also was the closer at every level that he pitched in. closer by committee is a bad idea!

Today: series finale against manny and the dodgers…not so good. kershaw was pitching (translation: he’s a lefty, he has good command and that awesome yellow hammer….equals game over I guess). lohse did not help himself either, he labored through the first inning needing 30 pitches and allowing one run. then, manny took him deep for a two run shot in the 3rd inning. cards drop the series finale, 4 to 1.

that’s it for today…hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow to preview the upcoming series, which happens to be at wrigley and against the cubs.

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